Mad Scientist Party Hour
Tales of adventures back east as Shuddy Boy makes a new lady friend, Kevin gets stuck on a flight with a methed out fake Al Pacino, and movie reviews galore.
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Shuddy Boy gets drunk and sends out more emo tweets, Kevin has some issues with his bottom and tells some of his drunken NYC misadventures, and many more random tomfooleries to be found within.
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Mark Rinker, friend and author joins the show to promote his book “Evil Ambulance”. Kevin tells stories from his flights to and from the east coast and how he managed to mess up smoking hash at his moms house. Plus some very girlie drinks are discussed
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SPOILER ALERT! Here’s what happens on this weeks show: Kevin eats some pot drops, Shuddy Boy loves Twilight, moms get inappropriate during childbirth and an all new round of Are You A Turd… a real hit amongst the deaf!
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Kevin and Shuddy Boy decide to get drunk and bring you tales of Shuddy Boy’s shyness, mind warping salvia, altered clips of Gringo’s Call of Duty freak outs and much more drunken fun!
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Dr Stacy and Cali Rose from Why You Suck In Bed join the show to let Kevin and Shuddy Boy know why THEY suck in bed. Discover the proper rhythm to drill a gal to, stank in the pants and how to handle toots and queefs in the sack.
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Miguel makes a special in studio appearance while he and Kevin analyze some gas, karate chop some wooden boards… for some reason, Miguel’s surprise drunken wake up and even a few Netflix recommendations
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The show welcomes Kevin Karaffa and Dave Rosati, fellow stuntmen and long time friends of Kevin’s. The gang discusses crazy stories from their past when filming the Slow Children video series. And Shuddy Boy joins as the official MSPH producer
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Rob Sprance and Shuddy Boy join to show to discuss Kevin’s further decent into madness. Rob let everyone mess with his iPhone 4s Siri voice assistant and then the gang discussed porn stars and portals to other dimensions
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Kevin may have finally lost it as residual Gears of War 3 rage prompts him to phsyically assault his computer and injure himself. Shuddy Boy joins to discuss The Avengers trailer, medical marijuana crackdown and Ellismania.
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