Mad Scientist Party Hour
Is the world getting too PC? Kevin and Jessi decide along with reviewing a crap-ton of movie such as Green Lantern and Bad Teacher. Kevin pays homage to the great Ryan Dunn and an angry Canadian really wants to do some shopping.
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Kevin’s longtime friend Shuddy Boy joins the show to relive tales of drunken debauchery, pranks on friends gone wrong and to just geek out in general. Also, a new round of Are You A Turd and a panty drenching discussion of the DC comics reboot!
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Miguel returns (Via Skype… sorry for the audio quality) to have an E3 round up with Kevin. Kevin and Miguel run for president and give their key platforms, Kevin reviews Super 8 and X-Men: First Class, and some Netflix recommendations.
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Kevin rants about getting a jaywalking ticket, goes over your life achievements, reviews Hangover II and Kung Fu Panda 2 as well as a summer movie rundown. Jessi May Stevenson as a guest scientist.
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