Mad Scientist Party Hour
The show welcomes Kevin Karaffa and Dave Rosati, fellow stuntmen and long time friends of Kevin’s. The gang discusses crazy stories from their past when filming the Slow Children video series. And Shuddy Boy joins as the official MSPH producer
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Rob Sprance and Shuddy Boy join to show to discuss Kevin’s further decent into madness. Rob let everyone mess with his iPhone 4s Siri voice assistant and then the gang discussed porn stars and portals to other dimensions
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Kevin may have finally lost it as residual Gears of War 3 rage prompts him to phsyically assault his computer and injure himself. Shuddy Boy joins to discuss The Avengers trailer, medical marijuana crackdown and Ellismania.
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The show returns with Shuddy Boy over Skype to discuss where the show has been, the passing of Steve Jobs, some crap about comics and even play a game of Are You A Turd?
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