Mad Scientist Party Hour

Rachel Butera stops by the Party Hour with her bag of magical voices and impressions. Kevin and Rachel trade voices and Howard Stern stories while Shuddy Boy gets drunk and Geoff... is Geoff.

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TJ Miller sits with the guys to discuss making love to a Christmas tree, hard partying and getting brain surgery. Kevin also learns that he walks like a sneaking creepy human.

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Geek Goddess Adrianne Curry joins the show with Christian Hand to nerd out in a massive way. Geoff and Christian struggle to stay afloat among a sea of Star Wars, video games and comic book nonsense.

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MMA mad man Mayhem Miller joins the show this week and goes from cousins to brothers with Geoff Clark, how long a human can go without busting a nut, whether the voice of Shredder also shreds weiners and what happens when you sit next to Captain Obvious.

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Kevin explains the reasons for his newfound sobriety, Shuddy Boy talks some Twilight crap, Kevin gives a butt chug recap, football pick results from last week and some good old fashion geeky Star Wars talk.
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This week the guys measure their nipples prompted by the voicemails yay segment, the results of the election, Kevin’s got something funky with his nose hole and James Bond returns.
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Christian Hand joins an extra long episode to talk about banging famous chicks, paternity battles with Eddie Murphy and having Eminem songs written about him. Kevin tells a threesome story and Shuddy Boy pees weird.
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Comic Laura Levites joins the show to talk uncut British winkies, conspiracies, stupid Facebook status updates and Geoff readies for his first experiment.
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Kevin recounts stories from his trip back home including in flight woes and blackout partying, Geoff and Shuddy talk sports crap, a friend gets revenge on his ex-wife and Kevin sees Seven Psychopaths.
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Amy Hedrick returns to the show with Die Hard villain Miro Gladovic to promote their new sports show SportsWTF. The gang makes some sports bets, Kevin explains more of his retard school adventure and nerds gang up on Taylor Swift.
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