Mad Scientist Party Hour

Rachel Butera stops by the Party Hour with her bag of magical voices and impressions. Kevin and Rachel trade voices and Howard Stern stories while Shuddy Boy gets drunk and Geoff... is Geoff.

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TJ Miller sits with the guys to discuss making love to a Christmas tree, hard partying and getting brain surgery. Kevin also learns that he walks like a sneaking creepy human.

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Geek Goddess Adrianne Curry joins the show with Christian Hand to nerd out in a massive way. Geoff and Christian struggle to stay afloat among a sea of Star Wars, video games and comic book nonsense.

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MMA mad man Mayhem Miller joins the show this week and goes from cousins to brothers with Geoff Clark, how long a human can go without busting a nut, whether the voice of Shredder also shreds weiners and what happens when you sit next to Captain Obvious.

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Kevin explains the reasons for his newfound sobriety, Shuddy Boy talks some Twilight crap, Kevin gives a butt chug recap, football pick results from last week and some good old fashion geeky Star Wars talk.
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This week the guys measure their nipples prompted by the voicemails yay segment, the results of the election, Kevin’s got something funky with his nose hole and James Bond returns.
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Christian Hand joins an extra long episode to talk about banging famous chicks, paternity battles with Eddie Murphy and having Eminem songs written about him. Kevin tells a threesome story and Shuddy Boy pees weird.
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Comic Laura Levites joins the show to talk uncut British winkies, conspiracies, stupid Facebook status updates and Geoff readies for his first experiment.
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Kevin recounts stories from his trip back home including in flight woes and blackout partying, Geoff and Shuddy talk sports crap, a friend gets revenge on his ex-wife and Kevin sees Seven Psychopaths.
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Amy Hedrick returns to the show with Die Hard villain Miro Gladovic to promote their new sports show SportsWTF. The gang makes some sports bets, Kevin explains more of his retard school adventure and nerds gang up on Taylor Swift.
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Actress Laura Ortiz (The Hills Have Eyes) sits in to discuss coming to America on a dolphin, whispering glitter, getting eaten alive at a Gwar show and ways to improperly say “Laura”. Also, an update on Kevin’s wang.
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Topics of discussion include a gay fish sex tape, a new inventive way to get drunk, replacement refs, inappropriate usage of a Ritalin patch and news that a substance produced by humans is a miracle cure all!
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Rob Sprance visits once again to join the gang as they touch on subjects probably best left untouch, make fun of Geoff for liking Kanye West, peer into the personal life of Bane and possibly plan the demise of Kevin’s manhood.
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Old bits are revived as the gang answers a few random brain questions and plays Are You A Turd. Kevin tells a story about drunk texting a celebrity, Shuddy Boy’s classic theme song is revealed and a fake wrestler has a real heart attack
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Jake Fogelnest joins the guys to discuss being a teenager with an MTV show, nicotine lozenges, the racism of the 80’s and his brand spanking new podcast!
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The guys discuss the best methods for breaking cold streaks, a new Madden is released, Geoff talks in his sleep, another tale from retard school is told and comics are reviewed. ls

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This week the guys discuss the gnarly food that fast food chains get in Japan, catch up on voice mails, discuss the ways they’d like to kill themselves, get some sportsball info and even review a few movies.
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The gang sends Jolene back off to Canada with a discussion about poops, jacking off and the dreaded friend zone! Also some movie reviews and seriously political crap.
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Doctor Steve the host of Weird Medicine joins the gang to answer a slew of immature medical questions. You’ll learn the mysteries of farts, doody, nuts, fingering and countless other mysteries you never knew you were curious about!
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Morgan Bailey, TS porn star extraordinaire sits in to discuss her porn bloopers, the art of tucking, the strange rules of the porn biz, Kevin’s near rape and even some Olympics nonsense.
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Josh Rawdog Richmond joins the show to discuss Batman, Kevin’s unfortunate accident and by far, the sickest and most disturbing experiment in the shows history! You have been warned!
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Kevin discusses a new trend involving girls tushies, the horrible Batman tragedy, Jolene’s jittery fits, a fat girl mournes a scorned shovel face and a brutally honest Dark Knight Rises review.
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Kevin retells his tales from Ellismania 9 in Las Vegas, tells another tale from special school and the rules of time travel are discussed.
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Shuddy Boy tells the tales of his bath salt adventures, Geoff may or may not be interested in watching Kevin get busy, Jolene helps Kevin prepare for his fight by punching the crap out of him and Kim Kardashian is disgusting
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The madness from episode 69 continues here with Kevin getting really drunk and picking on poor Shuddy Boy, Shuddy’s snoring is analyzed and Octomom goes to town on herself while making the world vomit. Plus Melvin Castro.
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The guys take a break from telling dirty jokes to devote a special episode to bring you tips on which comics to buy, which games to play and which shows to watch. Special guest Steve Brandano!
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Geoff and Kevin give tales of their travels back west, the guys discuss watching porn with friends, Avatar therapy sessions and Geoff turns down a gay stunt. With Shuddy Boy in studio!
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Kevin talks about special school and sky diving, Shuddy Boy sends Geoff a gay sext, an update on Lewis the Hemorrhoid and the art of shot gunning. …and farts
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Writer/director James Gunn joins the show to discuss his new video game Lollipop Chainsaw, stories behind making his movies and his experiences at E3. Plus Kung Fu Geoff returns!
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Rob Sprance joins the show to talk with a newly medicated Kevin and his therapy, his creepy kid touching therapist as a kid and Kevin and Geoff discuss issues with their bum holes.
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This weeks spoilers: The guys discuss which superhero would give the best gay BJ’s, Kevin loses his mind during a night out on Long Beach after too much tequila… he also severely needs therapy. This episode also includes myriad of Shuddy Boy call drops
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Robert Kelly joins the show to discuss the mysteries of bagpiping, retarded people, the art of comedy and even some nerdy comic and tech talk. Apologies for the background noise and mic issues
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Greg Fitzsimmons joins the show to talk about Asian feet, narrate a story with live sound effects, analyze Geoff’s wiping and being a super hero that saves lives.
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Geoff cries about sports and gives an update on his edibles adventure, the show pays tribute to MCA and a discussion of the blockbuster epic The Avengers! SPOILERS
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Jay Such of TheSomeGuyShow joins the show to discuss STD checks, podcasting and a feud with Franco from The Glory Hole while Geoff eats a powerful edible.
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Rob Sprance of The Glory Hole returns to discuss the irony of Metta World Peace, staining your pants over a birth, Dick Clark is remembered, 420 stories and few bonus minutes with Robert Kelly
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Shuddy Boy gives and update on the disaster in his pants, Geoff Shuddy and Miguel face off in the IMDb game and all your favorite segments return… sponsored by beer!
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Shuddy Boy makes a startling confession, Geoff can’t decide if Jews are white, new segments are created and old are revisited and much more fun in store.
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The guys discuss the parameters of wooing your friends sisters, the dangers of winning mega millions and rattle snake weiner bites
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Steve Brandano returns to help give a dirty name to the new Bond girl, peer into Prince’s personal life and Kevin & Geoff bump into Taylor Swift. Also comics, Walking Dead and MOVIES!
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Alexis Kovacs of the show Best Ink on Oxygen (And friend/tattoo artist of Kevin & Shuddy Boy’s) joins the show to tell tales of tattooing tranny vag, piercing funky crotches and the frustration of tattooing leathery biker skin.
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Mike Tully of the Jason Ellis shows joins MSPH to discuss his early career in radio, having a family and proper doodie protocal. Kevin also debuts his voiceover demo for critiquing.
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Transexual porn star Brittany St Jordan joins the group to tell tales of going from being a marine to putting massive objects in her tushy on webcams.
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Comedian Sheila Chalakee joins the guys to talk about her comedy skits, SNL and smelly junk. Shuddy Boy recaps his visit to Hollywood and plenty more nonsense and tom foolery.
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WARNING: If you don’t like comics or have no interest in them… you will NOT enjoy this episode. In this episode, Kevin and Shuddy Boy talk about their favorite comics, what’s worth reading and what books that non-comic fans would enjoy.
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Full show this week includes Kevin, Miguel, Shuddy Boy, Geoff and Fonzo involved in a bunch of stoned and booze fueled random nonsense. And Kevin is currently too messed up to describe the rest of this crap….
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Kevin and Shuddy Boy ask Geoff a bunch of random nonsense questions so people can know the newest member of the show a little better. Kevin also discusses seeing Howard Stern host America’s Got Talent and a non sexual dream about Shuddy Boy
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Kevin’s nerdy allergies bug him out which strangely turns to a discussion about the zombie apocalypse. Then Kevin, Shuddy Boy and Geoff talk abouts toots and doodie for the rest of the show. Doesn’t get more juvenile than this, folks! Enjoy!
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A Super Bowl conversation quickly turns to a random Michael Vick debate. Shuddy Boy competes in an insanely geeky card tournament. Kevin, Geoff and Shuddy say goodbye to a legendary zombie.
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Legit mad scientist Michele Noonan joins the show to talk about her adventures through reality TV and field a bunch of random questions that only a smart person could answer… and she’s insanely hot!
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In this super geeky episode Shuddy Boy and Kevin answer questions about different video game scenarios coughdorkscough. And then get into a heavy discussion about this years Oscar nominations with Jeff Katz. Skip this if you dont like the Oscars or movies
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Miguel returns to the show with another ball trauma story. Superfan Thanassi joins to explain what the queen does while Kevin catches up on listener emails. And finally for another experiement, Kevin drinks a cup of his own… um… liquid.
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This week, Kevin and Shuddy Boy discuss their New Years Resolutions, a trip to the Children’s Hospital set and Thai massages. Also some more humiliating sex stories and of course lots of cinema talk.
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Rob Sprance, Geoff Clark and Shuddy Boy join the show and tell tales of losing their virginity, the production halt of the new Akira movie and Shuddy Boy gets drunk and lippy.

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