Mad Scientist Party Hour
This weeks spoilers: The guys discuss which superhero would give the best gay BJ’s, Kevin loses his mind during a night out on Long Beach after too much tequila… he also severely needs therapy. This episode also includes myriad of Shuddy Boy call drops
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Robert Kelly joins the show to discuss the mysteries of bagpiping, retarded people, the art of comedy and even some nerdy comic and tech talk. Apologies for the background noise and mic issues
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Greg Fitzsimmons joins the show to talk about Asian feet, narrate a story with live sound effects, analyze Geoff’s wiping and being a super hero that saves lives.
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Geoff cries about sports and gives an update on his edibles adventure, the show pays tribute to MCA and a discussion of the blockbuster epic The Avengers! SPOILERS
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Jay Such of TheSomeGuyShow joins the show to discuss STD checks, podcasting and a feud with Franco from The Glory Hole while Geoff eats a powerful edible.
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