Mad Scientist Party Hour
The guys take a break from telling dirty jokes to devote a special episode to bring you tips on which comics to buy, which games to play and which shows to watch. Special guest Steve Brandano!
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Geoff and Kevin give tales of their travels back west, the guys discuss watching porn with friends, Avatar therapy sessions and Geoff turns down a gay stunt. With Shuddy Boy in studio!
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Kevin talks about special school and sky diving, Shuddy Boy sends Geoff a gay sext, an update on Lewis the Hemorrhoid and the art of shot gunning. …and farts
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Writer/director James Gunn joins the show to discuss his new video game Lollipop Chainsaw, stories behind making his movies and his experiences at E3. Plus Kung Fu Geoff returns!
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Rob Sprance joins the show to talk with a newly medicated Kevin and his therapy, his creepy kid touching therapist as a kid and Kevin and Geoff discuss issues with their bum holes.
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