Mad Scientist Party Hour
Kevin discusses a new trend involving girls tushies, the horrible Batman tragedy, Jolene’s jittery fits, a fat girl mournes a scorned shovel face and a brutally honest Dark Knight Rises review.
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Kevin retells his tales from Ellismania 9 in Las Vegas, tells another tale from special school and the rules of time travel are discussed.
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Shuddy Boy tells the tales of his bath salt adventures, Geoff may or may not be interested in watching Kevin get busy, Jolene helps Kevin prepare for his fight by punching the crap out of him and Kim Kardashian is disgusting
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The madness from episode 69 continues here with Kevin getting really drunk and picking on poor Shuddy Boy, Shuddy’s snoring is analyzed and Octomom goes to town on herself while making the world vomit. Plus Melvin Castro.
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