Mad Scientist Party Hour
Topics of discussion include a gay fish sex tape, a new inventive way to get drunk, replacement refs, inappropriate usage of a Ritalin patch and news that a substance produced by humans is a miracle cure all!
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Rob Sprance visits once again to join the gang as they touch on subjects probably best left untouch, make fun of Geoff for liking Kanye West, peer into the personal life of Bane and possibly plan the demise of Kevin’s manhood.
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Old bits are revived as the gang answers a few random brain questions and plays Are You A Turd. Kevin tells a story about drunk texting a celebrity, Shuddy Boy’s classic theme song is revealed and a fake wrestler has a real heart attack
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Jake Fogelnest joins the guys to discuss being a teenager with an MTV show, nicotine lozenges, the racism of the 80’s and his brand spanking new podcast!
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