Mad Scientist Party Hour

On this jolly Christmas episode Shuddy Boy continues to talk more trash about being able to take Kevin in a fight, Geoff falls out of love with Jay-Z and Christian Hand and Alexa Melo sit in on some cheeky discussions.

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We pack the house this week with Tom Fonss, Christian Hand and Alexa Melo as Geoff discusses his bizarre Christmas plans, Kevin gets an unwelcomed visitor and a random brain question about podcasts from dead people.

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Kevin gives an update on the dick epidemic at his gym, Shuddy Boy gets drunk and picks on everyone, the guys pick their gangster names and Kevin talks the Oldboy remake. 

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Christian Hand is back once again to promote Death! Death! Die!'s new album. The guys play a few tracks and get their back stories and then read some of Geoff's tweets, attempt to squash some listener beef and get really baked on MSPH weed.

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The guys finally get their hands on the Mad Scientist Party Hour OG strain of weed and then discuss the new generation of consoles, listen to some epic voicemails, Kanye gets called out on testicle radio and more stoned nonsense with our friend Fonzo.

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Porn star Skin Diamond joins the show along with Daniel Weidenfeld to discuss gym dick etiquette, the wild things she does in her personal life and find out what it would take for Geoff to suck a dick. 

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Scott Hedrick and Evan Linger from the thrash metal band Skeletonwitch stop by the show to talk the touring life, satanic themes in metal and listen to Geoff make some offensive remarks. The guys also discuss the newly released PS4.

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The guys get back to being geeky this week with actor Tom Fonss. Kevin talks about his cosplay experience at a comic convention, Geoff's Twitter diarhea, and the podcast gets a strain of weed named after it!

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Singer/songwriter Alexa Melo sits in to goof off with the guys and sing an absolutely beautiful song while Kevin and Geoff get way too high. Also, Geoff's tweets are read, Shuddy Boy is drunk and derailing and did I mention Christian Hand was here too?

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The guys give stories from their weekend adventures including tattoos, jizz and drugs.

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China IL showrunner and all around rad dude Daniel Weidenfeld stops by to talk shop and explain the animation process, Kevin relives his days of filming stunts, and Geoff shows up just in time to do a whole new episode! Double strength episode power!

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This week Kevin recounts the events of Ellismania 9 from Las Vegas, Geoff talks about his gambling days and what he would do to meet an alien.

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Christian Hand is back again to talk about pee drinking, dick fucking and Shuddy Boy's recent bit of bad luck. Also, results and a new set up of the Twitter game.

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Christian Hand returns to discuss circumcision nightmares, Kevin has an awkward adventure at the gym and everyone piles on him and his native land of New Jersey. Plus, a spoiler filled easter egg tribute to Breaking Bad.

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This week Geoff's game is analyzed and marvelled upon, science meeting sportsball isn't necessarily all that great, Kevin overdoses on a Peppermint Patty and a racist purse propels the MSPH into action on solving racism.

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Steve Brandano (The Howard Stern Show) and Kelly Fastuca (You Know What Dude?) sit in to discuss Australian slang, Shuddy Boy parties too hard on his last night in LA and some severe name dropping.

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The day has finally come. After losing last weeks bets, Kevin does a body shot off of Shuddy Boy's belly while Geoff eats a scorching hot habanero pepper

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Porn star Dillion Harper and Filmmaker Nello DiGiandomenico sit in to play a game of Guess The Celebrity Fart, talk about dick exorcisms and what could happen with

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Shuddy Boy reveals how he makes it through the show without constant bathroom breaks, an old segment returns from the graveyard, Ben Affleck gets cast as Batman and Mike Tyson plays with himself.

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Chris Gore returns to promote his book/album Celebrities Poop while Kevin vaporizes beer, gives another update on his kidney stone and an awkward conversation with Geoff about promoting the show. NOTE: We're ALL STILL FRIENDS after this episode. Promise!

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UFC host Kenda Perez talks with the guys about working in the MMA world, getting hit on by creepy goobers and holy trees pooping on people. Also, a bonus Easter egg segment about strip clubs.

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The show gets back to its geek roots with talk about superpowers, real life Mario Kart, a spoilery discussion on The Wolverine and dick sucking. Kevin gives yet another update on his stupid health.

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Blond bombshells Natasha and Natalia Starr tell the tale of their journey from Poland to dominate American dicks, Shuddy Boy is put into some awkward situations and mans worst friend eats a mans balls.

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Jordan Harbinger of The Art of Charm sits in to discuss what Kevin and Shuddy Boy are doing wrong in the dating department. Kevin recants his first ever San Diego Comic Con adventure and where in America exists a sexy pooping jogger.

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Geoff is the latest to get called out on his social media behavior, Doctor Steve gives his monthly check up, Kevin has a rational fear of bed bugs and the guys get Pacific Rimmed.

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Kevin and Shuddy Boy talk about their adventure at the Jersey Shore, elect 50 Cent in the running for Father of the Year, Shuddy gets caught playing hookie and Geoff gives a sportsball update.

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Kevin and Geoff bicker over the recording date switch, Shuddy Boy reveals a dating plan from Dr Steve and Weird Medicine and Kevin reveals his newest medical mystery.

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The Rawdog returns to discuss Shuddy Boy's pre-teen behavior on social media, Paula Deen's racism and Kevin pays up on his bet and eats an earwax cookie. Also, Geoff gives some sports updates and World War Z is reviewed.

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Comedian Cash Levy sits in to have a discussion about which phrases he hates, sneaking into every concert and event he comes across and a beauty show catastophe. Also reviews of This Is The End and Man of Steel

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Christian Hand returns to the show to join discussions on racist Tony Awards songs, a check in with Dr Steve, what would it take for Geoff to blow a dude and a discussion on the next get console news from E3 2013.

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RiotCast Godfather Rob Sprance returns as Geoff reveals an interesting injury while Kevin's luck in the health department is running out quickly. Shuddy Boy talks about getting emasculated at a party and whether it's okay to tongue the bung. 

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The lovely and geeky Ryan Keely joins Rawdog and the guys to talk about men in panties, things going into your bum and the newest offerings from Microsoft and Sony in the console wars.

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This week the guys discuss more situations Geoff would blow a guy to get out of, Justin Bieber gets booed and a review of Star Trek Into Darkness.

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A new game is born that puts Geoff's mouth virginity in jeopardy, Kevin gets an embarrassing story off his mom, sister and grandma, and stupid Kanye West bangs his head on a sign.

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Sam Tripoli and porn star Nikki Delano join the show to talk about the ins and the outs of the porn business, Geoff gets a fantasy shattered and a brutally honest spoler heavy Iron Man 3 review.

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Christian and Rawdog return to debate superheroes going to the bathroom, gay basketball and how you can perform a sex act called a Dr Manhattan. This episode may lower your IQ.

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In an episode heavily fueled by foreign substances, the guys discuss a taboo secret of the butt, robot vaginas and a review of Oblivion.

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Ivan Van Norman from King of the Nerds stops by to geek out, Geoff requests achievements for a master bandit, and a friend of the show gives his story from the tragedy in Boston.

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A very medicated Kevin gives an update on his retarded kidney stone adventure and almost gets into a fight at work, a new song makes Geoff's brain explode and the Evil Dead remake gets filleted.

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The week the guys explore the horrors of Shuddy Boy's mouth, Kevin gives an update from this years Wondercon and tells the tale of his newest medical catastrophe. Also, GI Joe: Retaliation gets spoiled... fair warning.

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Rude Jude of SiriusXM's The All Out Show and Christian Hand talk with the guys about sex, drugs and some of the most outrageous stories you'll ever hear. And of course Pooping Cathy.

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Steve Bannos of Freaks and Geeks and Bridesmaids bears witness to the Pooping Cathy phenomenon, hears some partying stories from the guys and Kevin comes up with the new segment of his dreams.

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Bil Dwyer (BattleBots, Extreme Dodgeball) sits down with us to discuss college partying, robots engaged in epic battle and how things could have cone very differently on Modern Family.

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Actor Doug Jones (Hellboy, Pan's Labyrinth) enlightens us on some behind the scenes stories with film legends, being a non-geek in geek franchises and then we get down to business... and by business we mean poop jokes

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Rob Sprance and Jolene return to discuss Geoff's sizzurp induced concussion, PS4 announcement and if anyone in the world has ever used themselves as spank material. Also the earqax ookie cookie loser is announced. Guest appearance by Chris Fortney-

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Actor Henry Dittman replaces Geoff this week and talks about his experiences on Party Down and Mad Men. Plus the start of a very strange voicemail trend, Shuddy Boy recounts Valentine's with Halfafoot and the etiquette of spoilers.

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Josh Richmond the Rawdog returns to discuss a rogue LA cop, the DC movie universe and pleasuring yourself behind the wheel.

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The show goes all Inception on itself courtesy of Chatroulette, Kevin gives an update on his car situation, the Marvel Universe is explored and Shuddy Boy reveals his biggest fear.

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The gang downs some Four Loko's as Kevin, Shuddy Boy and Anthony recount their epic Las Vegas adventure, Geoff is angry about a poor tipping from a pastor and Easter eggs galore! Also starring Geoff's brother.

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The centennial episode marks the first live show from Golden Apple Comics in Hollywood. Shuddy Boy sings his way into America's hearts, things are snorted, fingers are mousetrapped and the wonders of Chatroulette are explored.

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Shuddy Boy tells of his call screening adventures while Kevin picks on him and plays manipulated audio clips. Geoff reveals Subway has been circumsizing its footlongs.

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Shuddy Boy gets into a drunken Hulk rage with his friends, the gang makes a disgusting bet on the Oscars and a random brain question. Also, Shuddy Boy is propositioned to sing live at episode 100. 

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Film expert Chris Gore crashes the party hour to talk comics, the movies of 2012, Asian farts and Kevin pays up on a lost bed. Special appearance by Geoff's disgusting vinegar feet.

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We kick off 2013 with stories of Shuddy Boy chasing a gross monster, the stakes are set for a new experiment, Richard Simmons gets his foot run over and a movie review round up.  ls

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