Mad Scientist Party Hour

The centennial episode marks the first live show from Golden Apple Comics in Hollywood. Shuddy Boy sings his way into America's hearts, things are snorted, fingers are mousetrapped and the wonders of Chatroulette are explored.

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Shuddy Boy tells of his call screening adventures while Kevin picks on him and plays manipulated audio clips. Geoff reveals Subway has been circumsizing its footlongs.

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Shuddy Boy gets into a drunken Hulk rage with his friends, the gang makes a disgusting bet on the Oscars and a random brain question. Also, Shuddy Boy is propositioned to sing live at episode 100. 

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Film expert Chris Gore crashes the party hour to talk comics, the movies of 2012, Asian farts and Kevin pays up on a lost bed. Special appearance by Geoff's disgusting vinegar feet.

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We kick off 2013 with stories of Shuddy Boy chasing a gross monster, the stakes are set for a new experiment, Richard Simmons gets his foot run over and a movie review round up.  ls

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