Mad Scientist Party Hour

Rob Sprance and Jolene return to discuss Geoff's sizzurp induced concussion, PS4 announcement and if anyone in the world has ever used themselves as spank material. Also the earqax ookie cookie loser is announced. Guest appearance by Chris Fortney-

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Actor Henry Dittman replaces Geoff this week and talks about his experiences on Party Down and Mad Men. Plus the start of a very strange voicemail trend, Shuddy Boy recounts Valentine's with Halfafoot and the etiquette of spoilers.

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Josh Richmond the Rawdog returns to discuss a rogue LA cop, the DC movie universe and pleasuring yourself behind the wheel.

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The show goes all Inception on itself courtesy of Chatroulette, Kevin gives an update on his car situation, the Marvel Universe is explored and Shuddy Boy reveals his biggest fear.

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The gang downs some Four Loko's as Kevin, Shuddy Boy and Anthony recount their epic Las Vegas adventure, Geoff is angry about a poor tipping from a pastor and Easter eggs galore! Also starring Geoff's brother.

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