Mad Scientist Party Hour

This week Geoff's game is analyzed and marvelled upon, science meeting sportsball isn't necessarily all that great, Kevin overdoses on a Peppermint Patty and a racist purse propels the MSPH into action on solving racism.

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Steve Brandano (The Howard Stern Show) and Kelly Fastuca (You Know What Dude?) sit in to discuss Australian slang, Shuddy Boy parties too hard on his last night in LA and some severe name dropping.

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The day has finally come. After losing last weeks bets, Kevin does a body shot off of Shuddy Boy's belly while Geoff eats a scorching hot habanero pepper

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Porn star Dillion Harper and Filmmaker Nello DiGiandomenico sit in to play a game of Guess The Celebrity Fart, talk about dick exorcisms and what could happen with

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