Mad Scientist Party Hour

The guys give stories from their weekend adventures including tattoos, jizz and drugs.

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China IL showrunner and all around rad dude Daniel Weidenfeld stops by to talk shop and explain the animation process, Kevin relives his days of filming stunts, and Geoff shows up just in time to do a whole new episode! Double strength episode power!

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This week Kevin recounts the events of Ellismania 9 from Las Vegas, Geoff talks about his gambling days and what he would do to meet an alien.

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Christian Hand is back again to talk about pee drinking, dick fucking and Shuddy Boy's recent bit of bad luck. Also, results and a new set up of the Twitter game.

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Christian Hand returns to discuss circumcision nightmares, Kevin has an awkward adventure at the gym and everyone piles on him and his native land of New Jersey. Plus, a spoiler filled easter egg tribute to Breaking Bad.

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