Mad Scientist Party Hour

The beautiful and funny Alexa Aimes blasts herself into the Mad Scientist Party Hour Hall of Fame within the first 2 minutes of her appearance. Learn how she keeps herself busy in her personal life with her collection of video game consoles.

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Due to a technical glitch halfway thru the show, Shuddy Boy is somehow turned into RoboCop. But other than that, Kevin reviews the Google Chromecast and an old bit is resurrected.

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Steve Brandano of The Howard Stern Show is back. This week the guys talk about reoccurring dreams, a revisiting of an Amsterdam trip and Geoff's Twitter diarrhea.

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Shuddy Boy gives insight on what goes into finding a new neighborhood, Kevin is free of his month long sobriety, then the guys make their Oscar picks for the year and talk about doing drugs.

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