Mad Scientist Party Hour

Rob Sprance the Godfather of the RiotCast network returns to the show discuss Geoff's lingo, the unboxing of a LootCrate and review some new video games.

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This episode Shmoopy is finally revealed to the world, Kevin survives an earthquake and we learn the deepest darkest secret that Shuddy Boy has been hiding his whole life.

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Christian and Alexa are back as Geoff makes good on losing his bet on the Oscars, Shuddy Boy is teased mercilessly again as he moves in with Shmoopy and the introduction of The Poominati.

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Christian Hand and Alexa Melo are back as we learn who lost this years Oscars bets and has to visit their own Dante's Inferno. Kevin talks about his crazy weekend and Alexa belts out another beautiful live song. 

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