Mad Scientist Party Hour

Kevin delayed this weeks episode for a day so he could get a new phone, then got accosted by a street maniac for his sandwich, the guys talk about X-Men and a bunch of other random phooey.

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Alexa Aimes is back to talk about out of control burping ladies, boxer flaps and ball powder.

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Our friends Kelly Shibari and Siike Donnelly stop by to nerd out with us. Kelly celebrates being the first plus size Penthouse Forum cover girl, Shuddy is mad at Kevin for something that happened in the easter egg and Siike just wants to be friends.

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Kevin relives some of his stories from college with Shuddy Boy and their friend Dominic. And the guys watch a video of something that will forever change their lives. Bill Clark also sits in as well as the Clark Family in the studio audience.

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Christian and Alexa are back to discuss the Donald Sterling racist audio, LBJ's bunghole and the difference between sack skin and vag lips.

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