Mad Scientist Party Hour

On this weeks episode we talk to the drunken woman beating racist Shuddy Boy about the new big announcements from Marvel, when he and Kevinwould stoop to for a lifetime Marvel pass and Geof samples an interesting breath strip.

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Shuddy Boy attempts to do the power hour, drinking a shot of beer every 60 seconds, during the whole while Kevin talks about his car getting burgled, a check up with Dr Steve about pee stream exercises and Geoff tries some weed goo in multiple methods.

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Rude Jude and Siike Donnelly are back to have some in depth discussions about being an author, the horror stories of putting things up your butt and the effects of mail order drugs.

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Alexa Melo and the Cappadonna himself Christian Hand are back to debut a new song, talk about eating your own poop, lexapro withdrawals and somehow eating Louie Anderson's ass.

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More of the usual trash and filth you're used to... Kevin gets hung up on Shuddy Boy's ding dong, the women of Derek Jeter's choosing and the guys try to name a baby.

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