Mad Scientist Party Hour

Dustin Ybarra is an actor and comedian and he's goddamned funny. We talk to him about stand up at swingers clubs, smoking weed and much more while Geoff enjoys a medicated weed fruit roll up.

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To celebrate the 200th episode Siike Donnelly stops by while Kevin performs a stunt and does a strikeout, Shuddy and Geoff argue over whether to make the OScar picks and fans leave voicemails retelling their favorite show moments over the years. 

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Geoff brings up drugs in sports while Shuddy does more Soco power hour, Kevin gets annoyed by football in New Orleans, Geoff's Tweets are dissected and alcohol and marijuana are consumed.

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First show back from 2015 is how the guys spent their holidays, talk about tons of movies, Kevin discovers the world of pedicures and Shuddy Boy steps up his power hour.

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