Mad Scientist Party Hour

Comic Dustin Ybarra is back again to talk about TV and movie auditioning, Kevin snorts Geoff's edible for the week, the guys do a shot of the grossest alcohol ever and Iggy Azalea possibly babbles about Shuddy Boy. 

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Shuddy Boy is back to give his drunken misadventures while missing last week's episode, the guys share some drunk stories from the past and Kevin sees a bunch of movies. 

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Siike Donnelly sits in this week while Shuddy sleeps one off in the drunk tank. Random Brain Question makes a return while the listener fart war continues. 

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This week Kevin tries to break a world armpit fart record, Geoff tries out some marijuana infused tequila and Shuddy Boy reviews Fifty Shades of Grey. Also starring Siike Donnelly and Alex Wilson. 

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Rude Jude is back to talk about his big HBO deal, get Geoff messed up on GHB, talk about the events of Ellismania weekend and give his thoughts on the Mayweather Pacquiao fight. 

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