Mad Scientist Party Hour (Episodes)

Steve Brandano joins us for the final episode of 2015 while Geoff proves once again that he is opposite man, the guys talk about how they spent their holidays and talk about some of the biggest movies of the year.

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This week we celebrate 5 years of MSPH with Siike and Alex Wilson talking the usual nonsense of movies, nerd nonsense, farting and Star Wars.

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Geoff explains new meaning to what should be a delicious treat, Kevin raves about Creed and we find out if there's a seedy underworld of STD porn.

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The guys give their recaps of Thanksgiving, Shuddy Boy gives us today's news and a discussion of how to score with herpes. 

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Last week Kevin lost to Geoff and this week he takes his lumps in the most disgusting way possible. The guys also talk Thanksgiving rituals, hear some voicemails and also farts.

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This week Geoff and Kevin face off in trivia about the show and its stats, Shuddy and Kevin do Muppets and an unexpected guest makes a surprise appearance.

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The guys decide upon which man made sex organs they would want in their mouths, Shuddy Boy does a DC class trip and Kevin gives an update on the state of California giving it to him up the pooper.

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Dustin Ybarra returns this week to clear the air involving a controversy with Geoff, the hotness of cosplay chicks and how to gamble on Kevin's bad luck.

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YouTube star/competitive eater LA Beast joins the show to talk about the horrors that have entered his stomach, Shuddy Boy gets wasted and a smorgasbord of embarrassing stories are told.

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After a week off, Geoff talks of the drinking games he played, Kevin talks about his trip to Ellismania, and the guys give some dating app stories.

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Geoff faces many tough decisions this week, Kevin trashes baseball, the guys talk some new TV shows and all the other blah blah blah that you yadda yadda yadda.

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Steve and Sam from the band Sinner Sinners join the show this week to steal Shuddy Boy's heart, learn the true meaning of Turbonegro and that Paulie Shore is not killing it in France.

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Siike and Bill Clark are back this week to make every off color joke possible, Geoff eats a magic pop tart and possibly tons and tons of dicks.

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Graham Elwood and Dustin Ybarra sit in and talk a ton about movies and podcasting and Shuddy Boy getting bufu'ed.

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Lori Levine and Siike Donnelly sit in this week to talk Star Wars, nerdy hang ups and getting medicated at the dentist.

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Dustin Ybarra is back again and this week we talk about micropenises, President Kanye and his upcoming role on Gotham. And poops and farts.

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Porn star Jenna Ivory sits in this week with tales from the set, Geoff sucks some wieners and we find the prep you have to do for an ayahuasca trip.

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TV host and model Jayme Foxx tears it up this week as we cover hard hitting issues like pooping in the shower and posing for pictures without being groped.

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The guys talk about the new Fantastic Four and Straight Outta Compton, sharting in the show and eat some weed potato chips.

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Dustin Ybarra and Siike Donnelly are back to talk about Geoff's yoga sessions, Dustin's recent work on Gotham and future work with Wesley Snipes and Geoff drinks some weed coffee.

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Siike is back to give his tales of comic-con, Geoff has to suck his way out of a few situations, the new Spider-Man movie and we find who can see better between Daredevil and Stevie Wonder.

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Geoff gets offers to suck many dicks, Shuddy Boy reveals his worst line ever, a voicemail legend returns and a review of Ant-Man.

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Steve Brandano is back to talk about this years San Diego Comic Con, Geoff parties his dick off while visiting Montreal and Kevin gets a retarded ticket.

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Geoff and Shuddy battle over power issues, the guys work more nonsense with Periscope and Kevin shares one of his many neuroses.

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Kevin talks about going to raves, Geoff has some weiners to suck, Shuddy and Kevin get their hands on Batman Arkham Knight and also lots and lots of farting.

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Dustin Ybarra is back to talk with us about white chicks in black face, a blow job loving genie and the art of auditioning.

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Just the usual three dumbasses this week watching stupid internet videos, scoping the biggest hoes of Tinder and judging some epic ground shaking farts.

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Our good friends Dustin Ybarra and Siike Donnelly come by to judge what might be the most epic fart war in planet Earth's history. Also lots of poop jokes. High brow stuff here folks!

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This week Troyquan drops by the show to talk about the ultimate in Tinder conquests, find the qeirdest places to jerk off and how he and Kevin are long lost eski-bros.

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This week the guys talk about reaching the breaking point while playing video games, Kevin's boring ass no weed dreams and the first time they saw some bush in a movie. Also a review of Mad Max with Bill and Siike.

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In this weeks bumbling nonsense, Kevin admits to swearing off the magical plants, the guys reminisce on some old hip hop and try to plan an escape if California breaks off from America. 

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The guys give their unique spin on the Kentucky Derby, the Mayweather Pacquiao fight and of course, judge some farts. Also, a spoilery Avengers: Age of Ultron review in the Easter egg.

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Geoff and Kevin sample some edibles courtesy of Heather and Francis from Lazy Mae's. The guys play a game where Kevin guesses sports rules and everyone weighs in on the Juggalo Joker.

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Packed house this week as Siike and Jason AKA The Boognish sit in while Dom and Mark sit in with Shuddy. The guys test out a beer/weed consuming device known as The Knockout and Shuddy Boy gets drunk and racist. 

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Geoff has an unpleasant Tinder experience as well as some unpleasant gas that he subject Kevin and Bill to. The guys also talk about Daredevil so far. No one actually reads these, right?

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Comedian/actor Erica Rhodes sits in this week. Kevin gets a horrible burn and then we get messed up and talk about movies. 

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Comic Dustin Ybarra is back again to talk about TV and movie auditioning, Kevin snorts Geoff's edible for the week, the guys do a shot of the grossest alcohol ever and Iggy Azalea possibly babbles about Shuddy Boy. 

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Shuddy Boy is back to give his drunken misadventures while missing last week's episode, the guys share some drunk stories from the past and Kevin sees a bunch of movies. 

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Siike Donnelly sits in this week while Shuddy sleeps one off in the drunk tank. Random Brain Question makes a return while the listener fart war continues. 

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This week Kevin tries to break a world armpit fart record, Geoff tries out some marijuana infused tequila and Shuddy Boy reviews Fifty Shades of Grey. Also starring Siike Donnelly and Alex Wilson. 

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Rude Jude is back to talk about his big HBO deal, get Geoff messed up on GHB, talk about the events of Ellismania weekend and give his thoughts on the Mayweather Pacquiao fight. 

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Rob Sprance and Chris Fortney from The Hole sit in as Shuddy Boy expresses beef, Geoff and Kevin pig out on some Canadian snacks and Kevin recites the "tampon scene".

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The guys sit down with comic Ian Abramson to talk about his show with fellow comedians performing their stand up in a separate room from the audience with no clue how the crowd is reacting. Also, Kevin fillets Jupiter Ascending.

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This week Flash Brown sits in to talk about being a pro in porn, on set etiquette, Geoff gets stoned off his balls eating a medicated weed pizza and Kevin beats a DUI checkpoint.

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Dustin Ybarra is an actor and comedian and he's goddamned funny. We talk to him about stand up at swingers clubs, smoking weed and much more while Geoff enjoys a medicated weed fruit roll up.

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To celebrate the 200th episode Siike Donnelly stops by while Kevin performs a stunt and does a strikeout, Shuddy and Geoff argue over whether to make the OScar picks and fans leave voicemails retelling their favorite show moments over the years. 

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Geoff brings up drugs in sports while Shuddy does more Soco power hour, Kevin gets annoyed by football in New Orleans, Geoff's Tweets are dissected and alcohol and marijuana are consumed.

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First show back from 2015 is how the guys spent their holidays, talk about tons of movies, Kevin discovers the world of pedicures and Shuddy Boy steps up his power hour.

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In the final show of 2014, Shuddy Boy invites his son on to get some odd guidance about his new lady friend, the guys talk about the shit talking emails leaked from Sony executives and Geoff samples some fancy tea. 

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The guys recap how they spent their Thanksgivings, poll the female audience on how to propose oral sex, get expert commentary from Siike on some nerdy announcements and give a new question to Dr. Steve.

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The guys discuss the likelyhood of their survival in the event of the apocalypse, farting in front of ladies, James Bond, Shuddy Boy's drinking stylings and a review of Super Smash Bros.

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Kevin's new haircut has officially worn out its welcome as Shuddy Boy and Geoff let him know how dumb he looks, Shuddy does a Four Loko power hour and Kevin and Geoff love Nightcrawler.

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This week we learn about Geoff's lame superpowers, Kevin has some new voices, Shuddy drinks more, Alexa Melo debuts a new song called Demoted and Christian farts in his hand and eats it... not so sure about that last bit.

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Filmmaker Ilya Naishuller talks about the rise of his video Bad Motherfucker and taking the first person action idea to the big screen with Hardcore. Also, Kevin visits Hello Kitty Con and interviews some of the patrons and reviews Interstellar.

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On this weeks episode we talk to the drunken woman beating racist Shuddy Boy about the new big announcements from Marvel, when he and Kevinwould stoop to for a lifetime Marvel pass and Geof samples an interesting breath strip.

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Shuddy Boy attempts to do the power hour, drinking a shot of beer every 60 seconds, during the whole while Kevin talks about his car getting burgled, a check up with Dr Steve about pee stream exercises and Geoff tries some weed goo in multiple methods.

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Rude Jude and Siike Donnelly are back to have some in depth discussions about being an author, the horror stories of putting things up your butt and the effects of mail order drugs.

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Alexa Melo and the Cappadonna himself Christian Hand are back to debut a new song, talk about eating your own poop, lexapro withdrawals and somehow eating Louie Anderson's ass.

Direct download: MSPH_188-Ride_the_Skeleton.mp3
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More of the usual trash and filth you're used to... Kevin gets hung up on Shuddy Boy's ding dong, the women of Derek Jeter's choosing and the guys try to name a baby.

Direct download: MSPH_187-Bag_of_Fail.mp3
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A new segment is debuted this week as well as some returning favorites and Geoff being racist.

Direct download: MSPH_186-Pardon_For_Us.mp3
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Siike joins the guys to enjoy some green stuff, commiserate over kidney stones and take an opportunity to get nerdy. 

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Alia Janine stops by the show to talk transitioning from porn to comedy, the Ray Rice is a piece of shit debacle and some of Geoff's goofy tweets.

Direct download: MSPH_184-Alia_Janine.mp3
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It's Geoff's birthday so naturally we talk about naked famous chicks, get stoned and drink beer. Geoff's brother Bill also ventures into the lab with us.

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Geoff talks of his visit back east, Kevin shoots down Shuddy's ice bucket challenge and a review of Sin City: A Dame to Kill For

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Siike Donnelly and Christian Hand are back again to talk nerdy nonsense, goof on Geoff for his new app obsession and talk about the current state of the Ninja Turtles.

Direct download: MSPH_181-Siike_And_Destroy.mp3
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Geoff tries out a new weed drink and reaffirms his love for poofs and everyone gives a spoiler filled review of Guardians of the Galaxy (Don't worry, it's in the easter egg).

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This week the guys talk about old video games, Kevin talks about his experience at San Diego Comic Con this year, Geoff tests out some medicated beef jerky and Shuddy rates the way we mate.

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This week the guys start a new segment where Geoff reviews some herbals, we sneak in a few rounds of What Is Shuddy Boy Doing? and if gay men are enjoying each others bosoms. 

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Tattoo artist Kevin Lewis joins the show to answer our childish questions. Shuddy Boy gets cranky and the guys weigh all the angles of a new female Thor.

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Keivn talks about his trip while Geoff explains how honkey's party, everyone tries to guess what Shuddy Boy is doing in the background and we get a glimpse of the 17 minute Guardians of the Galaxy preview.

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This week the guys talk about the dangers of goofing on North Korea, the boring-ness of soccer and Kevin's sports failures. FYI recording crashed in this episode so we left it as is. Sorry for the horrible edit.

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The lovely Justine Joli joins the guys to impart her marijuana wizardry upon us all. An all out smoke fest breaks out which leads to discussions about edibles, shamans, ayahuasca trips and everything nerdy in between.

Direct download: MSPH_174-Getting_High_With_Justine_Jolie.mp3
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This week the guys talk about Tom Cruise, do some bong rips and learn how the public reacts to the sight of the highly coveted Poominati shirts.

Direct download: MSPH_173-Grilled_Wieners.mp3
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Kevin somehow gets roped into talking about hockey and then the guys discover a new experiment to do with poop. Also, Mario Kart 8 and rollercoasters.

Direct download: MSPH_172-Nintendont.mp3
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Kevin delayed this weeks episode for a day so he could get a new phone, then got accosted by a street maniac for his sandwich, the guys talk about X-Men and a bunch of other random phooey.

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Alexa Aimes is back to talk about out of control burping ladies, boxer flaps and ball powder.

Direct download: MSPH_170-Dick_Flaps.mp3
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Our friends Kelly Shibari and Siike Donnelly stop by to nerd out with us. Kelly celebrates being the first plus size Penthouse Forum cover girl, Shuddy is mad at Kevin for something that happened in the easter egg and Siike just wants to be friends.

Direct download: MSPH_169-Get_The_Nerd_Out.mp3
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Kevin relives some of his stories from college with Shuddy Boy and their friend Dominic. And the guys watch a video of something that will forever change their lives. Bill Clark also sits in as well as the Clark Family in the studio audience.

Direct download: MSPH_168-Oh_Look_A_Farting_Dick.mp3
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Christian and Alexa are back to discuss the Donald Sterling racist audio, LBJ's bunghole and the difference between sack skin and vag lips.

Direct download: MSPH_167-Moygles.mp3
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This week the guys class the show up by talking about butt crack grooming, ass eating, farting and diarrhea.

Direct download: MSPH_166-Jordan_Belfart.mp3
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Our friend Siike Donnelly stops by to talk comics and share some amazing and unbelievable stories about his life that make Kevin look like a pussy for complaining about getting a wisdom tooth pulled. Kevin is also heavily drugged in this episode.

Direct download: MSPH_165-Stupid_Tooth.mp3
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This week the guys discuss why Christian was looking at Kevin's dick, flip through Geoff's tweets and discuss diarrhea in depth.

Direct download: MSPH_164-Dick_Gazer.mp3
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The beautiful and volumptuous Siri talks witht he guys about her life in the adult industry, crazy swinging stories with her husband and the rules (or lack of) they've set for each other.

Direct download: MSPH_163-Siri.mp3
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Rob Sprance the Godfather of the RiotCast network returns to the show discuss Geoff's lingo, the unboxing of a LootCrate and review some new video games.

Direct download: MSPH_162-TootCrate.mp3
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This episode Shmoopy is finally revealed to the world, Kevin survives an earthquake and we learn the deepest darkest secret that Shuddy Boy has been hiding his whole life.

Direct download: MSPH_161-Bearded_Booger_Eater.mp3
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Christian and Alexa are back as Geoff makes good on losing his bet on the Oscars, Shuddy Boy is teased mercilessly again as he moves in with Shmoopy and the introduction of The Poominati.

Direct download: MSPH_160-Saucy_Anus.mp3
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Christian Hand and Alexa Melo are back as we learn who lost this years Oscars bets and has to visit their own Dante's Inferno. Kevin talks about his crazy weekend and Alexa belts out another beautiful live song. 

Direct download: MSPH_159-Sad_Reluctant_Butt_Muncher.mp3
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The beautiful and funny Alexa Aimes blasts herself into the Mad Scientist Party Hour Hall of Fame within the first 2 minutes of her appearance. Learn how she keeps herself busy in her personal life with her collection of video game consoles.

Direct download: MSPH_158-Alexa_Aimes.mp3
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Due to a technical glitch halfway thru the show, Shuddy Boy is somehow turned into RoboCop. But other than that, Kevin reviews the Google Chromecast and an old bit is resurrected.

Direct download: MSPH_157-RoboShuddy.mp3
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Steve Brandano of The Howard Stern Show is back. This week the guys talk about reoccurring dreams, a revisiting of an Amsterdam trip and Geoff's Twitter diarrhea.

Direct download: MSPH_156-Connection_Lost.mp3
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Shuddy Boy gives insight on what goes into finding a new neighborhood, Kevin is free of his month long sobriety, then the guys make their Oscar picks for the year and talk about doing drugs.

Direct download: MSPH_155-Shuddys_Law.mp3
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Kevin and Geoff mercilessly pick on Shuddy Boy over his social media habits with his new girlfriend, Shuddy picks apart Kevin for having a beer on his "sober" month and Kevin talks about going to a Grammy after party while trashing current music

Direct download: MSPH_154-Kangaroo_Court.mp3
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Kelly Shibari joins us for a kick ass episode where we discover the horrors of prolapse fetishes, what happens in an 18 person fan gang bang and Shuddy Boy gets smacked and hacked. Also, Kevin reviews Spike Jonze's Her.

Direct download: MSPH_153-Kelly_Shibari_and_Shuddys_Schnoz.mp3
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Rude Jude makes his highly anticipated return to the party hour to talk about the crazy stories in his new book "HYENA" that will blow your mind.

Direct download: MSPH_152-Judes_The_Dude.mp3
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This week Kevin gives an update on his sobriety and Geoff talks about trying some ghetto mescaline, everyone talks about the articles of clothing they like to leave on during sex and give some old school Netflix recommendations. 

Direct download: MSPH_151-The_Poops_of_Fart_Street.mp3
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Geoff tells the tale of his acid filled Christmas and desire to find a shaman, the guys pay tribute to Uncle Phil and review a slew of movies and Kevin has an incident with an unsavory bag checker at the airport.

Direct download: MSPH_150-Mystical_Shaman_Hunt.mp3
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On this jolly Christmas episode Shuddy Boy continues to talk more trash about being able to take Kevin in a fight, Geoff falls out of love with Jay-Z and Christian Hand and Alexa Melo sit in on some cheeky discussions.

Direct download: MSPH_149-North_Pole_Illuminati.mp3
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We pack the house this week with Tom Fonss, Christian Hand and Alexa Melo as Geoff discusses his bizarre Christmas plans, Kevin gets an unwelcomed visitor and a random brain question about podcasts from dead people.

Direct download: MSPH_148-The_Mystery_of_Geoff.mp3
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Kevin gives an update on the dick epidemic at his gym, Shuddy Boy gets drunk and picks on everyone, the guys pick their gangster names and Kevin talks the Oldboy remake. 

Direct download: MSPH_147-Shuddy_The_Clam.mp3
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The guys finally get their hands on the Mad Scientist Party Hour OG strain of weed and then discuss the new generation of consoles, listen to some epic voicemails, Kanye gets called out on testicle radio and more stoned nonsense with our friend Fonzo.

Direct download: MSPH_145-OG_Status.mp3
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