Mad Scientist Party Hour (episodes)
Learn about filmmaking from the inside out! Producer and comic book writer Jeff Katz joins the show and spills Hollywood’s guts. Learn the inside politics, films that COULD have been and how to get into the industry.
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Kevin defends his heterosexuality, the gang dissects the 2011 Oscars and reviews the new Xbox game Bulletstorm and dives headfirst into Sheen Gate!! Friend of the show Jessi joins as a guest scientist!
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Miguel vents about his Facebook page getting deleted for no reason, Charlie Sheen’s porn star friend aborts his possible baby, Kevin reviews Marvel VS Capcom 3 and possibly the worst profession ever is discovered!
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Nuzzy joins the show for a podcast crossover extravaganza! The gang discusses the Grammys, a screening of Rango, then Kevin and Miguel pay an odd tribute to Valentine’s Day and snort vodka! WARNING: NOT FOR THE FEINT OF HEART!! <—nice pun
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Kevin and Miguel discuss the filthiest of sex acts, the Super Bowl without the sports nonsense and a new unnamed race in limbo… that happens to be Halle Berry’s child. Plus geek headlines and Miguel’s news!
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The anxiety of LA is causing some bizarre nightmares! Kevin takes in some of the local arts and reviews the new Call of Duty maps. Hear the latest in geek news, Charlie Sheen’s bizarre life updates, Tila Tequila’s sex tape and as always Miguel’s news.
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Kevin and Miguel analyze clips of Gringo losing his mind playing Call of Duty, rate some new downloadable games and talk about their experience at a Q and A screening of The Fighter.
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The first episode of MSPH from Hollywood, California! Kevin & Miguel tell the stories of their cross country trips, discuss the Golden Globes, real life superheroes and things that should not be in your heiney!
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Steve Brandano joins the show as a guest scientist to learn the secrets of Miguels show prep, sordid tales of sex gone wrong and the war between the Playstation Move and the Microsoft Kinect.
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Meet your hosts Kevin Kraft and Miguelangelo Hexylvania, hear about the genitals of Hollywood’s biggest stars and maybe even hear a few farts!! Recording date 12-11-2010

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