Mad Scientist Party Hour
Miguel takes his leave of the Party Hour to return back east and work on some projects. Also discussed, Ritalin madness, crappy haircuts, a review of Your Highness, geek headlines and the return of “Roast Beef or Camel Toe”!
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Fan favorite Jeff Katz returns as a guest scientist to discuss all things Hollywood. Kevin and Jeff discuss the state of movies, reboots, sequels, 3D and business. Also, Jeff’s star studded Wrestlemania party and Kevin reviews Kevin Smith’s Red State.
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Miguel gets hit by a car, the guys talk about sex toys in the bedroom, Kevin goes to a special viewing of Super, two police cars play against each other in tennis, life achievements unlock and even a little roast beef and camel toe!
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Dirty Joe leaves a filthy voicemail of a sex story gone wrong, Kevin talks about his trip back home and visit to The Glory Hole, Miguel explains Facebook etiquette and as always, your Geek Headlines, movie recommendations and news! LeAve PoDCAstS AloNe!1!
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Miguel and his buddy Benji tell their tales of an eventful Hollywood night, Kevin gets his hands on the new Nintendo 3DS all while unual Supermoon spawned weather beats downs. Plus, Earth realizes how bad music can be thanks to Rebecca Black
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Kevin and Miguel vent about the frustrations of living in LA including tickets, homeless wanderers and obnoxious choads. Also, the stupid Situation’s awful roast performance and Gilbert Gottfried’s controverial tweets are analyzed.
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Learn about filmmaking from the inside out! Producer and comic book writer Jeff Katz joins the show and spills Hollywood’s guts. Learn the inside politics, films that COULD have been and how to get into the industry.
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Kevin defends his heterosexuality, the gang dissects the 2011 Oscars and reviews the new Xbox game Bulletstorm and dives headfirst into Sheen Gate!! Friend of the show Jessi joins as a guest scientist!
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Miguel vents about his Facebook page getting deleted for no reason, Charlie Sheen’s porn star friend aborts his possible baby, Kevin reviews Marvel VS Capcom 3 and possibly the worst profession ever is discovered!
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Nuzzy joins the show for a podcast crossover extravaganza! The gang discusses the Grammys, a screening of Rango, then Kevin and Miguel pay an odd tribute to Valentine’s Day and snort vodka! WARNING: NOT FOR THE FEINT OF HEART!! <—nice pun
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