Mad Scientist Party Hour
Tales of adventures back east as Shuddy Boy makes a new lady friend, Kevin gets stuck on a flight with a methed out fake Al Pacino, and movie reviews galore.
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Shuddy Boy gets drunk and sends out more emo tweets, Kevin has some issues with his bottom and tells some of his drunken NYC misadventures, and many more random tomfooleries to be found within.
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Mark Rinker, friend and author joins the show to promote his book “Evil Ambulance”. Kevin tells stories from his flights to and from the east coast and how he managed to mess up smoking hash at his moms house. Plus some very girlie drinks are discussed
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SPOILER ALERT! Here’s what happens on this weeks show: Kevin eats some pot drops, Shuddy Boy loves Twilight, moms get inappropriate during childbirth and an all new round of Are You A Turd… a real hit amongst the deaf!
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Kevin and Shuddy Boy decide to get drunk and bring you tales of Shuddy Boy’s shyness, mind warping salvia, altered clips of Gringo’s Call of Duty freak outs and much more drunken fun!
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Dr Stacy and Cali Rose from Why You Suck In Bed join the show to let Kevin and Shuddy Boy know why THEY suck in bed. Discover the proper rhythm to drill a gal to, stank in the pants and how to handle toots and queefs in the sack.
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Miguel makes a special in studio appearance while he and Kevin analyze some gas, karate chop some wooden boards… for some reason, Miguel’s surprise drunken wake up and even a few Netflix recommendations
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The show welcomes Kevin Karaffa and Dave Rosati, fellow stuntmen and long time friends of Kevin’s. The gang discusses crazy stories from their past when filming the Slow Children video series. And Shuddy Boy joins as the official MSPH producer
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Rob Sprance and Shuddy Boy join to show to discuss Kevin’s further decent into madness. Rob let everyone mess with his iPhone 4s Siri voice assistant and then the gang discussed porn stars and portals to other dimensions
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Kevin may have finally lost it as residual Gears of War 3 rage prompts him to phsyically assault his computer and injure himself. Shuddy Boy joins to discuss The Avengers trailer, medical marijuana crackdown and Ellismania.
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The show returns with Shuddy Boy over Skype to discuss where the show has been, the passing of Steve Jobs, some crap about comics and even play a game of Are You A Turd?
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Benji Lanpher of G4’s Proving Ground returns to the show to talk about getting hit in the nuts all day, working with Ryan Dunn and living in a castle haunted by naked lesbians. Also, Kevin gives you advice and a report from a super slow mo video shoot
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Brian “Schumacher” Jonker joins the show and talks about his former job as security for escorts and knowing a woman as intimately as possible. This episode is also sponsored by mass quantities of marijuana… also Britney Spears has a smelly bottom
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This weeks spoilers: Shuddy Boy joins the show once again as Kevin describes getting his medical marijuana card, stories with the law (And more jaywalking tickets). Also, Kevin gives some listeners advice and Shuddy talks Captain America
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Jay Such from TheSomeGuyShow joins via Skype along with Rob Sprance. The guys tell embarassing stories about jacking off, using pee as lube, read off their favorite Tweets. And apparently Rob and Jay are very familiar with each others moms.
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Rob Sprance returns to the party hour to discuss the new shows. Kevin and Rob discuss giving brown stars smootches, Kevin gives Rob and his wife a nice surprise over Skype, Kevin reviews Transformers 3 and the guys tell some truly disgusting stories
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Is the world getting too PC? Kevin and Jessi decide along with reviewing a crap-ton of movie such as Green Lantern and Bad Teacher. Kevin pays homage to the great Ryan Dunn and an angry Canadian really wants to do some shopping.
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Kevin’s longtime friend Shuddy Boy joins the show to relive tales of drunken debauchery, pranks on friends gone wrong and to just geek out in general. Also, a new round of Are You A Turd and a panty drenching discussion of the DC comics reboot!
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Miguel returns (Via Skype… sorry for the audio quality) to have an E3 round up with Kevin. Kevin and Miguel run for president and give their key platforms, Kevin reviews Super 8 and X-Men: First Class, and some Netflix recommendations.
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Kevin rants about getting a jaywalking ticket, goes over your life achievements, reviews Hangover II and Kung Fu Panda 2 as well as a summer movie rundown. Jessi May Stevenson as a guest scientist.
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Josh Rawdog Richmond of the Jason Ellis show joins as a guest scientist. Kevin asks Josh about his early radio days, involvement with the Ellis show, and the crazy stuff seen every day. Also, this weeks new movie reviews and geek headlines! Booyaaaaaaah!
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The Glory Hole family godfather Rob Sprance joins the show via Skype. The guys discuss the male fake climax, Schwarzenegger’s illegitimate robot baby, the pending rapture and talk about their love of video games and being space faggots
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Kevin welcomes his ex-girlfriend Katrina Danson to the show. And this is not just any ex… the only one that has gotten him to drop the dreaded L bomb! They discuss their history together, trade embarassing stories and even review Thor! RANDOM!
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My Geek Lady host Amy Hedrick joins us as a guest scientist. Kevin talks to Amy about her transition into geekdom and her super fancy birthday party. Also discussed, the stupid royal wedding and the accuracy of Maxim’s Hot 100 list.
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Kevin reviews the upcoming movie Bridesmaids, the Gears of War 3 beta test, the record release party for Don Jamieson, his new job with Jason Ellis and the usual deep geeky discussions. Jessi returns as a guest scientist.
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Miguel takes his leave of the Party Hour to return back east and work on some projects. Also discussed, Ritalin madness, crappy haircuts, a review of Your Highness, geek headlines and the return of “Roast Beef or Camel Toe”!
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Fan favorite Jeff Katz returns as a guest scientist to discuss all things Hollywood. Kevin and Jeff discuss the state of movies, reboots, sequels, 3D and business. Also, Jeff’s star studded Wrestlemania party and Kevin reviews Kevin Smith’s Red State.
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Miguel gets hit by a car, the guys talk about sex toys in the bedroom, Kevin goes to a special viewing of Super, two police cars play against each other in tennis, life achievements unlock and even a little roast beef and camel toe!
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Dirty Joe leaves a filthy voicemail of a sex story gone wrong, Kevin talks about his trip back home and visit to The Glory Hole, Miguel explains Facebook etiquette and as always, your Geek Headlines, movie recommendations and news! LeAve PoDCAstS AloNe!1!
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Miguel and his buddy Benji tell their tales of an eventful Hollywood night, Kevin gets his hands on the new Nintendo 3DS all while unual Supermoon spawned weather beats downs. Plus, Earth realizes how bad music can be thanks to Rebecca Black
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Kevin and Miguel vent about the frustrations of living in LA including tickets, homeless wanderers and obnoxious choads. Also, the stupid Situation’s awful roast performance and Gilbert Gottfried’s controverial tweets are analyzed.
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Learn about filmmaking from the inside out! Producer and comic book writer Jeff Katz joins the show and spills Hollywood’s guts. Learn the inside politics, films that COULD have been and how to get into the industry.
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Kevin defends his heterosexuality, the gang dissects the 2011 Oscars and reviews the new Xbox game Bulletstorm and dives headfirst into Sheen Gate!! Friend of the show Jessi joins as a guest scientist!
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Miguel vents about his Facebook page getting deleted for no reason, Charlie Sheen’s porn star friend aborts his possible baby, Kevin reviews Marvel VS Capcom 3 and possibly the worst profession ever is discovered!
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Nuzzy joins the show for a podcast crossover extravaganza! The gang discusses the Grammys, a screening of Rango, then Kevin and Miguel pay an odd tribute to Valentine’s Day and snort vodka! WARNING: NOT FOR THE FEINT OF HEART!! <—nice pun
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Kevin and Miguel discuss the filthiest of sex acts, the Super Bowl without the sports nonsense and a new unnamed race in limbo… that happens to be Halle Berry’s child. Plus geek headlines and Miguel’s news!
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The anxiety of LA is causing some bizarre nightmares! Kevin takes in some of the local arts and reviews the new Call of Duty maps. Hear the latest in geek news, Charlie Sheen’s bizarre life updates, Tila Tequila’s sex tape and as always Miguel’s news.
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Kevin and Miguel analyze clips of Gringo losing his mind playing Call of Duty, rate some new downloadable games and talk about their experience at a Q and A screening of The Fighter.
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The first episode of MSPH from Hollywood, California! Kevin & Miguel tell the stories of their cross country trips, discuss the Golden Globes, real life superheroes and things that should not be in your heiney!
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Steve Brandano joins the show as a guest scientist to learn the secrets of Miguels show prep, sordid tales of sex gone wrong and the war between the Playstation Move and the Microsoft Kinect.
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