Mad Scientist Party Hour

The guys discuss the best methods for breaking cold streaks, a new Madden is released, Geoff talks in his sleep, another tale from retard school is told and comics are reviewed. ls

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This week the guys discuss the gnarly food that fast food chains get in Japan, catch up on voice mails, discuss the ways they’d like to kill themselves, get some sportsball info and even review a few movies.
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The gang sends Jolene back off to Canada with a discussion about poops, jacking off and the dreaded friend zone! Also some movie reviews and seriously political crap.
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Doctor Steve the host of Weird Medicine joins the gang to answer a slew of immature medical questions. You’ll learn the mysteries of farts, doody, nuts, fingering and countless other mysteries you never knew you were curious about!
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Morgan Bailey, TS porn star extraordinaire sits in to discuss her porn bloopers, the art of tucking, the strange rules of the porn biz, Kevin’s near rape and even some Olympics nonsense.
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Josh Rawdog Richmond joins the show to discuss Batman, Kevin’s unfortunate accident and by far, the sickest and most disturbing experiment in the shows history! You have been warned!
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