Mad Scientist Party Hour
Comic Laura Levites joins the show to talk uncut British winkies, conspiracies, stupid Facebook status updates and Geoff readies for his first experiment.
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Kevin recounts stories from his trip back home including in flight woes and blackout partying, Geoff and Shuddy talk sports crap, a friend gets revenge on his ex-wife and Kevin sees Seven Psychopaths.
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Amy Hedrick returns to the show with Die Hard villain Miro Gladovic to promote their new sports show SportsWTF. The gang makes some sports bets, Kevin explains more of his retard school adventure and nerds gang up on Taylor Swift.
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Actress Laura Ortiz (The Hills Have Eyes) sits in to discuss coming to America on a dolphin, whispering glitter, getting eaten alive at a Gwar show and ways to improperly say “Laura”. Also, an update on Kevin’s wang.
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