Mad Scientist Party Hour

The lovely and geeky Ryan Keely joins Rawdog and the guys to talk about men in panties, things going into your bum and the newest offerings from Microsoft and Sony in the console wars.

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This week the guys discuss more situations Geoff would blow a guy to get out of, Justin Bieber gets booed and a review of Star Trek Into Darkness.

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A new game is born that puts Geoff's mouth virginity in jeopardy, Kevin gets an embarrassing story off his mom, sister and grandma, and stupid Kanye West bangs his head on a sign.

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Sam Tripoli and porn star Nikki Delano join the show to talk about the ins and the outs of the porn business, Geoff gets a fantasy shattered and a brutally honest spoler heavy Iron Man 3 review.

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Christian and Rawdog return to debate superheroes going to the bathroom, gay basketball and how you can perform a sex act called a Dr Manhattan. This episode may lower your IQ.

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