Mad Scientist Party Hour

The Rawdog returns to discuss Shuddy Boy's pre-teen behavior on social media, Paula Deen's racism and Kevin pays up on his bet and eats an earwax cookie. Also, Geoff gives some sports updates and World War Z is reviewed.

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Comedian Cash Levy sits in to have a discussion about which phrases he hates, sneaking into every concert and event he comes across and a beauty show catastophe. Also reviews of This Is The End and Man of Steel

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Christian Hand returns to the show to join discussions on racist Tony Awards songs, a check in with Dr Steve, what would it take for Geoff to blow a dude and a discussion on the next get console news from E3 2013.

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RiotCast Godfather Rob Sprance returns as Geoff reveals an interesting injury while Kevin's luck in the health department is running out quickly. Shuddy Boy talks about getting emasculated at a party and whether it's okay to tongue the bung. 

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