Mad Scientist Party Hour

On this jolly Christmas episode Shuddy Boy continues to talk more trash about being able to take Kevin in a fight, Geoff falls out of love with Jay-Z and Christian Hand and Alexa Melo sit in on some cheeky discussions.

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We pack the house this week with Tom Fonss, Christian Hand and Alexa Melo as Geoff discusses his bizarre Christmas plans, Kevin gets an unwelcomed visitor and a random brain question about podcasts from dead people.

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Kevin gives an update on the dick epidemic at his gym, Shuddy Boy gets drunk and picks on everyone, the guys pick their gangster names and Kevin talks the Oldboy remake. 

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Christian Hand is back once again to promote Death! Death! Die!'s new album. The guys play a few tracks and get their back stories and then read some of Geoff's tweets, attempt to squash some listener beef and get really baked on MSPH weed.

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