Mad Scientist Party Hour

The guys give a recap of Shuddy Boy's most recent trip to Los Angeles, Kevin talks about his own recent travels from the past week and being forced into a massive Netflix binge.

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The great Doug Benson joins us to celebrate the 420th episode of Mad Scientist Party Hour by letting us know about his celebrity smoking bucket list, helping out with a doubled up Baking With Geoffy Cakes and compete in a round of IMDboner. And TONS of weed.

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Shuddyboy has made his demands known for his upcoming trip to Los Angeles, the guys all dose themselves in preparation for episode 420 and Kevin goes over the wacky ESPN programming featured on The Ocho.

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Shuddy Boy tries an experiment to get himself even higher, Kevin gives a recap of his trip to Minneapolis for the X Games and manages to get another bullshit ticket in SoCal.

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