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Alex Wilson is back to let us know how many 13 year olds he could beat up at once, try his hand at The Letterboxd Game and get a recap of everyone's 4th of July filled with illegal fireworks.

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The great Dustin Ybarra returns to give his tales of metal detecting around California, Kevin hosts the brand spanking new Letterboxd game and even a good old fashioned Would Geoff Suck a Dick.

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Siike Donnelly joins us from Florida to help the guys cover the PlayStation 5 announcements, pay respect to Joel Schumacher and give a rundown of the MSPH Wrestling IV event from over the weekend.

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The guys finish off the final leg of the Snack Bracket aka Snacket, Kevin goes metal detecting with Dustin on the beaches of Malibu and we review some heavy hitter movies.

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Geoff has an encounter with an injured beach goer in Long Beach, Kevin managed to have an unlikely pee mishap and the guys are looking forward a new obstacle course game show.

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Geoff gives his first hand account of the Long Beach protests, the guys finish up the next leg of the Snack Bracket and Kevin & Shuddy have lots to review for your quarantine viewing.

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Kevin has officially broken quarantine, Shuddyboy hosts another round of IMDboner and Geoff continues with the next round of the Snack Bracket.

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Shuddyboy is back from his trip to Texas with tales to tell, what will the stand up comedy scene be live in a post-covid world and Geoff hits us with the first leg of his Snacket Bracket.

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Shuddy sits this week out as Geoff talks about his bicycle enthusiasm, another MSPH Wrestling event is in the books and an Easter Egg dedicated to candy and snacks!

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Geoff isn't sure how sliding into DM's work, Shuddyboy reveals more details of the next MSPH pro wrestling extravaganza and then hits us with a Random Brain Question.

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Kevin surprisingly enjoys a Post Malone Nirvana tribute concert, Geoff faces a rager of a "Would Geoff Suck a Dick" and an in depth spoilery Easter egg review of Extraction.

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Geoff wishes he could talk to dogs, the guys recap the epic WWE 2K19 Poominati battle that Dom put together and we get caught up on some voicemails yay!

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The guys are back after fixing a technical setback, Dom is preparing some MSPH WWE video game mash ups for Twitch, Kevin has his soul eating by a remade beloved video game and some brand new things to review.

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Kevin has noticed that his face is turning into an ass, the guys recommend some entertainment options for people going stir crazy in quarantine and Shuddyboy brings back IMDboner and Reddit Questions. Also, an easter egg spoiler review of Ozark season 3... after some tech troubleshooting.

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The guys have lots to review with state lockdowns in effect, Kevin discovers lost caches of "gold" in his apartment and an RBQ from our friend Curvy Beer Girl.

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The guys give updates on how their quarantine lives are going, the Poominati gives the gang some tough homework to report on and Skype gives Kevin a healthy dose of bumbling tomfooleries.

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The guys are all quarantined as Kevin and Geoff talks about what may have been their last outing for a while, Geoff reveals a battle with a household virus from his younger years and how the ever escalating coronavirus has changed things for the fellas.

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Geoff accidentally gets his head shaved, Kevin sees one of the greatest shitty movies on earth and Geoff is still greatly annoyed by the coronavirus after Shuddyboy has a scare.

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Siike pays MSPH one last visit before he moves out of sunny southern California, Kevin visits a sensory deprivation float tank for the first time and Shuddyboy revisits the classic Speed.

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A Baking With Geoffy Cakes sends Geoff to another dimension, Shuddy shares an early story of The Rock and listeners weigh in with some hot takes.

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Kevin talks about his snowboarding trip to Vermont, the guys reveal their Mount Rushmore movies for Letterboxd and the big loser of the 2020 Oscars bet is revealed!

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Dungeonmaster Alex Wilson is back for another thrilling installment of fantasy action and toilet humor in the Blumpkins & Dragons series. Also, a bonus Locke & Key and Birds of Prey discussion in the Easter Egg.

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Alex Wilson is back to discuss Geoff's Super Bowl experience, Kevin's got a few movie reviews and the guys finally make their Oscar picks to see who fill face the dreaded piss bong.

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Kevin reports back on his trip to Aspen, pitches the guys on a gross new Oscars bet punishment and Shuddyboy drops a bombshell of a retro movie review.

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Geoff stumbles upon a new celebrity crush, Kevin gives some movies reviews from his taint crushing exercise bike sessions and an MSPH movie outing to Bad Boys for Life.

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Kevin reports back after his trip to get Vietnamese coffee from the GOAT, the guys go over the nominations for the 2020 Oscars and Geoff gets old school blacked out at his bookies party.

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Geoff pays tribute to the hardest worker of the new decade, Kevin has a bizarre run in at an LA parking lot and Geoff and Kevin went on an MSPH movie date night.

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