Mad Scientist Party Hour

The guys have lots to review with state lockdowns in effect, Kevin discovers lost caches of "gold" in his apartment and an RBQ from our friend Curvy Beer Girl.

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The guys give updates on how their quarantine lives are going, the Poominati gives the gang some tough homework to report on and Skype gives Kevin a healthy dose of bumbling tomfooleries.

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The guys are all quarantined as Kevin and Geoff talks about what may have been their last outing for a while, Geoff reveals a battle with a household virus from his younger years and how the ever escalating coronavirus has changed things for the fellas.

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Geoff accidentally gets his head shaved, Kevin sees one of the greatest shitty movies on earth and Geoff is still greatly annoyed by the coronavirus after Shuddyboy has a scare.

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Siike pays MSPH one last visit before he moves out of sunny southern California, Kevin visits a sensory deprivation float tank for the first time and Shuddyboy revisits the classic Speed.

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