Mad Scientist Party Hour

Kevin surprisingly enjoys a Post Malone Nirvana tribute concert, Geoff faces a rager of a "Would Geoff Suck a Dick" and an in depth spoilery Easter egg review of Extraction.

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Geoff wishes he could talk to dogs, the guys recap the epic WWE 2K19 Poominati battle that Dom put together and we get caught up on some voicemails yay!

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The guys are back after fixing a technical setback, Dom is preparing some MSPH WWE video game mash ups for Twitch, Kevin has his soul eating by a remade beloved video game and some brand new things to review.

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Kevin has noticed that his face is turning into an ass, the guys recommend some entertainment options for people going stir crazy in quarantine and Shuddyboy brings back IMDboner and Reddit Questions. Also, an easter egg spoiler review of Ozark season 3... after some tech troubleshooting.

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