Mad Scientist Party Hour

Kevin takes a solo trip to the mountains and still finds a way to "Kevin" things up, Geoff gets another mini snack attack and Shuddy has lost his voice.

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The guys get into a funky new(ish) product, Shuddy and Geoff are disturbed by a nature show and new fan favorite IMDboner returns!

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The guys are in love with Sansa Stark, Kevin finally gets around to seeing JFK after much prodding from Geoff and Shuddyboy hosts the inaugural edition of the new game called IMDboner.

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Kevin's most hated holiday arrives on the same day of the 400th episode, Geoff and Kevin had a comical brush with a well known band and Shuddy has some "WGSAD" questions.

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Alex Wilson is back to talk with the guys about sketching naked models, Kevin tries to find an Oscars bet punishment for himself and the guys review the new Mötley Crüe movie.

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Geoff is back from his all inclusive resort trip in Cancun, Kevin and Geoff tackle a new Netflix movie and Shuddyboy and Geoff tackle some sportsball.

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Kevin is in rough shape after attending pro wrestling school, Geoff has a reverse snack attack and the nerds give their thoughts on Captain Marvel.

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Shuddyboy ranks his top 3 fears, Kevin relives his KISS concert experience and Geoff has a hot take on the new Michael Jackson documentaries.

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The guys reveal the loser of the 2019 Oscars bet, Shuddy Boy is afraid of ghosts and Kevin and his nana played with a ouija board.

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Kevin, Geoff and Shuddy Boy have a brainstorming session about who will face this years humiliating Oscars punishment and it goes exactly where you'd expect, Geoff gets selfish with some dicks and Kevin sees the most mind breaking mystifying movie he's ever seen.

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The guys make their yearly Oscars bets to determine who takes the 2019 punishment, Shuddy Boy rattles off some questions from Reddit and Kevin takes the rooms' temperature on his ability to do a gainer.

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Kevin can't get enough of actor Mads Mikkelsen, the guys report on some Netflix binges and field more questions from Reddit.

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Dustin Ybarra returns as Kevin recaps his trip to Aspen and first time on a snowboard in 20 years, Shuddy Boy tries his had with production elements on the show and presents a series of questions from Reddit.

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Geoff is going on a sugar break while Kevin is eating like a slob and Shuddy Boy reads off some questions from the Reddit Poominati. PS-Stay tuned past the Easter egg for a little surprise treat!

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Kevin and Geoff give an update on the state and future of the podcast, Kevin talks about his mom becoming an assistant at a magic show and how he managed to infiltrate his family's girls week trip.

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