Mad Scientist Party Hour (general)

Christian Hand is back once again to promote Death! Death! Die!'s new album. The guys play a few tracks and get their back stories and then read some of Geoff's tweets, attempt to squash some listener beef and get really baked on MSPH weed.

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Christian Hand returns to discuss circumcision nightmares, Kevin has an awkward adventure at the gym and everyone piles on him and his native land of New Jersey. Plus, a spoiler filled easter egg tribute to Breaking Bad.

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Porn star Dillion Harper and Filmmaker Nello DiGiandomenico sit in to play a game of Guess The Celebrity Fart, talk about dick exorcisms and what could happen with

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RiotCast Godfather Rob Sprance returns as Geoff reveals an interesting injury while Kevin's luck in the health department is running out quickly. Shuddy Boy talks about getting emasculated at a party and whether it's okay to tongue the bung. 

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In an episode heavily fueled by foreign substances, the guys discuss a taboo secret of the butt, robot vaginas and a review of Oblivion.

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A very medicated Kevin gives an update on his retarded kidney stone adventure and almost gets into a fight at work, a new song makes Geoff's brain explode and the Evil Dead remake gets filleted.

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Shuddy Boy tells of his call screening adventures while Kevin picks on him and plays manipulated audio clips. Geoff reveals Subway has been circumsizing its footlongs.

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