Mad Scientist Party Hour

Kevin gets trapped in the DC airport and lives to tell, Geoff might be on the verge of his own book club, the guys review a few movies and Geoff presents a bracket of the "best" high school movies.

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The gang makes a trip to see John Wick 3, Kevin thinks he's nailed why strangers don't like him and it's his face, and the guys give their thoughts on the series finale of Game of Thrones.

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Kevin has an awkward experience at a film festival, Geoff doesn't buy Zac Efron as a serial killer, Kevin hosts a round of IMDboner and the guys have some hot takes on the recent controversial Game of Thrones episode.

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Kevin makes his pro wrestling debut, the guys weigh in on a potential solid date movie, Kevin is annoyed by the Met Gala and another in depth Game of Thrones recap.

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