Mad Scientist Party Hour

Kevin eyes up some food adventures in Minneapolis, Geoff has video game envy for one of his neighbors and the guys dig in on Tarantino's new movie.

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Alex Wilson returns to tell tales of his and Kevin's adventure to San Diego Comic Con, rate the big announcements and the guys enjoy some tiki drinks for Kevin's birthday.

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Geoff and Kevin tell of their food adventures of their yearly visit to the 626 Night Market, Geoff takes on a worth competitor in Baking With Geoffy Cakes and the guys give a spoilery review of Stranger Things 3.

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Kevin gives a recap of his Florida trip, voicemails school the gang on nuclear power and Shuddy is having local fireworks troubles. Easter Egg: Spoilery review of Spider-Man: Far From Home.

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The guys celebrate Canada Day and honor our homies to the North, Geoff goes off on a list blaming America for fake ethnic food trends and Reddit asks questions as we supply answers.

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