Mad Scientist Party Hour

The guys are glad malls are still a thing, Geoff reveals nothing could keep him from baseball and Kevin makes a trip back east.

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Siike is back to help review tons of movies, Kevin has a celebrity encounter that rocks his inner child and he finally pays up on his Oscars bet.

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The guy have an idea for a new side podcast, Fortnite has pulled an odd marketing strategy and Kevin details his experience hosting a live episode of Doug Loves Movies. Plus: Easter Egg review of El Camino.

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Kevin's curiosity leads to a worm hole Super Bowl ring discussion, buys weed from childhood idols and the guys go deep on the new Joker movie in a spoiler filled Easter Egg.

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Kevin has some ill timed hiccups, Geoff takes in an early morning Rambo screening and Kevin reports on some of the mazes for Halloween Horror Nights 2019.

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