Mad Scientist Party Hour

Kevin takes his mom on vacation and manages to "Kevin" that up and the guys fire up the voicemails for the first time in a long time. Easter egg: spoiler filled reviews of Avengers Endgame and Game of Thrones.

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Kevin takes a solo trip to the mountains and still finds a way to "Kevin" things up, Geoff gets another mini snack attack and Shuddy has lost his voice.

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The guys get into a funky new(ish) product, Shuddy and Geoff are disturbed by a nature show and new fan favorite IMDboner returns!

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The guys are in love with Sansa Stark, Kevin finally gets around to seeing JFK after much prodding from Geoff and Shuddyboy hosts the inaugural edition of the new game called IMDboner.

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Kevin's most hated holiday arrives on the same day of the 400th episode, Geoff and Kevin had a comical brush with a well known band and Shuddy has some "WGSAD" questions.

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