Mad Scientist Party Hour (Episodes)

Shuddy, Geoff and Kevin still all don't understand cryptocurrencies, Kevin wants a beard and both Geoff and Kevin are suffering from the same stupid ailment.

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Geoff discovers an unusual rule in Vegas, Kevin has an accident in the mall and a spoilery review of It Chapter Two in the easter egg.

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Geoff is oddly pumped on the new Rambo movie, another legendary voice mail caller makes a return and Kevin manages to rain on Shuddy's fantasy football parade.

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The guys give a recap of Shuddy Boy's most recent trip to Los Angeles, Kevin talks about his own recent travels from the past week and being forced into a massive Netflix binge.

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The great Doug Benson joins us to celebrate the 420th episode of Mad Scientist Party Hour by letting us know about his celebrity smoking bucket list, helping out with a doubled up Baking With Geoffy Cakes and compete in a round of IMDboner. And TONS of weed.

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Shuddyboy has made his demands known for his upcoming trip to Los Angeles, the guys all dose themselves in preparation for episode 420 and Kevin goes over the wacky ESPN programming featured on The Ocho.

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Shuddy Boy tries an experiment to get himself even higher, Kevin gives a recap of his trip to Minneapolis for the X Games and manages to get another bullshit ticket in SoCal.

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Kevin eyes up some food adventures in Minneapolis, Geoff has video game envy for one of his neighbors and the guys dig in on Tarantino's new movie.

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Alex Wilson returns to tell tales of his and Kevin's adventure to San Diego Comic Con, rate the big announcements and the guys enjoy some tiki drinks for Kevin's birthday.

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Geoff and Kevin tell of their food adventures of their yearly visit to the 626 Night Market, Geoff takes on a worth competitor in Baking With Geoffy Cakes and the guys give a spoilery review of Stranger Things 3.

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Kevin gives a recap of his Florida trip, voicemails school the gang on nuclear power and Shuddy is having local fireworks troubles. Easter Egg: Spoilery review of Spider-Man: Far From Home.

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The guys celebrate Canada Day and honor our homies to the North, Geoff goes off on a list blaming America for fake ethnic food trends and Reddit asks questions as we supply answers.

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Kevin pitches an idea for his Oscars bet punishment, Shuddy Boy gets a new theme song courtesy of India and hosts another thrilling installment of IMDboner.

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In an episode sprinkled with alcohol and snack attacks, Geoff gets a new nickname that almost breaks Shuddy Boy, Kevin gives an E3 2019 round up and Shuddy Boy sees his most hated movie of the year.

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Dustin Ybarra is back to take on the guys in a few rounds of IMDboner, Kevin is the Drake curse of nerd culture and a hall of fan voicemail caller makes a triumphant return!

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Kevin runs the American Ninja Warrior course, Shuddy Boy and Kevin are playing a game there's no way Geoff would enjoy and Shuddy is gonna be a dad bod model.

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Kevin gets trapped in the DC airport and lives to tell, Geoff might be on the verge of his own book club, the guys review a few movies and Geoff presents a bracket of the "best" high school movies.

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The gang makes a trip to see John Wick 3, Kevin thinks he's nailed why strangers don't like him and it's his face, and the guys give their thoughts on the series finale of Game of Thrones.

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Kevin has an awkward experience at a film festival, Geoff doesn't buy Zac Efron as a serial killer, Kevin hosts a round of IMDboner and the guys have some hot takes on the recent controversial Game of Thrones episode.

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Kevin makes his pro wrestling debut, the guys weigh in on a potential solid date movie, Kevin is annoyed by the Met Gala and another in depth Game of Thrones recap.

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Kevin takes his mom on vacation and manages to "Kevin" that up and the guys fire up the voicemails for the first time in a long time. Easter egg: spoiler filled reviews of Avengers Endgame and Game of Thrones.

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Kevin takes a solo trip to the mountains and still finds a way to "Kevin" things up, Geoff gets another mini snack attack and Shuddy has lost his voice.

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The guys get into a funky new(ish) product, Shuddy and Geoff are disturbed by a nature show and new fan favorite IMDboner returns!

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The guys are in love with Sansa Stark, Kevin finally gets around to seeing JFK after much prodding from Geoff and Shuddyboy hosts the inaugural edition of the new game called IMDboner.

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Kevin's most hated holiday arrives on the same day of the 400th episode, Geoff and Kevin had a comical brush with a well known band and Shuddy has some "WGSAD" questions.

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Alex Wilson is back to talk with the guys about sketching naked models, Kevin tries to find an Oscars bet punishment for himself and the guys review the new Mötley Crüe movie.

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Geoff is back from his all inclusive resort trip in Cancun, Kevin and Geoff tackle a new Netflix movie and Shuddyboy and Geoff tackle some sportsball.

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Kevin is in rough shape after attending pro wrestling school, Geoff has a reverse snack attack and the nerds give their thoughts on Captain Marvel.

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Shuddyboy ranks his top 3 fears, Kevin relives his KISS concert experience and Geoff has a hot take on the new Michael Jackson documentaries.

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The guys reveal the loser of the 2019 Oscars bet, Shuddy Boy is afraid of ghosts and Kevin and his nana played with a ouija board.

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Kevin, Geoff and Shuddy Boy have a brainstorming session about who will face this years humiliating Oscars punishment and it goes exactly where you'd expect, Geoff gets selfish with some dicks and Kevin sees the most mind breaking mystifying movie he's ever seen.

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The guys make their yearly Oscars bets to determine who takes the 2019 punishment, Shuddy Boy rattles off some questions from Reddit and Kevin takes the rooms' temperature on his ability to do a gainer.

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Kevin can't get enough of actor Mads Mikkelsen, the guys report on some Netflix binges and field more questions from Reddit.

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Dustin Ybarra returns as Kevin recaps his trip to Aspen and first time on a snowboard in 20 years, Shuddy Boy tries his had with production elements on the show and presents a series of questions from Reddit.

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Geoff is going on a sugar break while Kevin is eating like a slob and Shuddy Boy reads off some questions from the Reddit Poominati. PS-Stay tuned past the Easter egg for a little surprise treat!

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Kevin and Geoff give an update on the state and future of the podcast, Kevin talks about his mom becoming an assistant at a magic show and how he managed to infiltrate his family's girls week trip.

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The guys give their stories from Christmas as Kevin pays Geoff a holiday visit, Geoff and Shuddy Boy bore the hell out of Kevin with some sports crap and reviews galore!

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Geoff returns as the guys have lots of shit to review, Kevin presents Geoff with a daunting dick and Shuddy Boy gets repeatedly self-owned by his computer.

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At long last, Jason Ellis makes his MSPH debut to commiserate with Shuddy Boy about your kids on their phones, Jason's penchant for bad Netflix movies and we find the level of jacked-ness he's is looking to attain.

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In a very special D&D episode of Mad Scientist Party Hour, Dungeon Master Alex Wilson takes the Kevin, Geoff and Shuddy Boy back to the medieval fantasy realm for more immature low-brow fuckery in a quest to kill demons.

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Kevin and Geoff take the reigns this week as Kevin finally gives in on Geoff's constant pressure to see a movie, Geoff gets his first phone in 4 years and a special guest calls in towards the end.

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The guys give their stories from Thanksgiving, review a few movies and Geoff gets himself a new "bowlpiece".

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The guys get a little ahead of themselves ranking their favorite Christmas movies, Geoff is paranoid about the flu and Kevin finally gets his wish of attending The Magic Castle.

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Shuddy Boy is back as Kevin and Geoff are proud of themselves for being drunk, stoned responsible adults, Kevin has another salacious encounter with a homeless man and the guys pay their respects to Stan Lee.

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Geoff and Kevin slam some tropical frozen drinks while exploring Geoff's love of Fortnite balloons and reviewing some Netflix material before learning that it might be time to hang the show up.

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Kevin gets a return visit from his loud alley ranting friend, Geoff manages to sleep-fart himself to the couch and then ranks his favorite cheeses while Shuddy Boy breaks the tie on Halloween and drops an Oreo life hack.

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Kevin and Geoff find themselves in the middle of a Brazilian Halloween party and the guys see a tons of movies and have wildly different reactions to them.

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The gang talks some Halloween rituals and hopes of supernatural experiences, Shuddy Boy does the manliest power hour ever, Kevin has a roller rink adventure and Pseudo Shuddy makes an appearance.

Direct download: MSPH_377-Scary_Stories_To_Fart_In_The_Dark.mp3
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Geoff and Kevin both move to new locations and one of them has a very different experience than the other. The guys review a few new movies and Geoff samples some very special wine.

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Geoff provides a pig out feast as Kevin checks out the 2018 Halloween Horror Nights and somehow the guys manage to find some hot takes talking about waterbeds.

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Kevin and Shuddy Boy reveal they are terrible at making new friends, the guys share a forgotten story from the Las Vegas trip last month and Kevin's fantasy football season is going exactly how you'd expect it.

Direct download: MSPH_374-Fail_Eater.mp3
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Geoff mispronounces his anniversary adventure, Kevin suspects something is up with Geoff's text settings, a voicemail contains a surprise insane moment.

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The guys recount their epic weekend in Las Vegas for Ellismania 15, Kevin presents Geoff with a hellish Would Geoff Suck a Dick and also a happy birthday to The Dragon himself, Geoff Clark!

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In a special episode from Las Vegas; Kevin, Geoff and Shuddy Boy compete in a round of Trivial Pursuit in front of a live Poominati audience as a part of the first round of the intelligence gauntlet to determine the smartest host of MSPH.

Direct download: MSPH_371-Incredibly_Trivial_Pursuit.mp3
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Shuddy Boy stops by for an in studio appearance as well as The Boognish to hear tales of Geoff's visit to a sensory deprivation tank and Kevin sees a particularly awkward movie.

Direct download: MSPH_370-Stink_Tank.mp3
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Geoff and Kevin go on their yearly food adventure, the guys talk the future of the PooFL, the appropriate playlist for a date and Kevin pays tribute to a friend and former colleague.

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Shuddy Boy and Geoff grill Kevin over his devotion to bobbling in four square, Geoff and Kevin demonstrate their cereal opening abilities and a ton of movies are reviewed.

Direct download: MSPH_368-Bobble_On.mp3
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Kevin is a dumb-dumb and can't open cereal properly, Geoff has a horrible experience at the Rose Bowl, and Kevin loves Tom Cruise but also goes on a bitchfest rant.

Direct download: MSPH_367-Cereal_Killer.mp3
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Kevin is back from Comic Con with a few stories, Geoff once again faces some tough dicks and the gang weighs in on the James Gunn controversy.

Direct download: MSPH_366-Queefcake_Factory.mp3
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Alex Wilson returns and talks the upcoming Comic Con, Geoff gets to do his favorite then his least favorite segment and the guys reveal what they'd have for their final meal before being executed.

Direct download: MSPH_365-Final_Meals.mp3
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Geoff gets us up to speed on his adventures in Chicago, a new idea is proposed to determine the smartest MSPH host and we delve deeper into the new sub genre of Geoff Metal!

Direct download: MSPH_364-Geoff_Metal.mp3
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Kevin is in Florida, Geoff's in California and Shuddy Boy's in Pennsylvania but the show must go on. Kevin gives some updates from his trip to Florida, Death Metal Geoff is introduced, some quick stories from Kevin's mom and nana and Shuddy Boy reviews Ant Man and the Wasp.

Direct download: MSPH_363-The_Poomuda_Triangle.mp3
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Kevin vents off some first world problems, Geoff and Kevin share some LA road rage stories, Kevin's nana's odd acceptance ritual performed on Shuddy Boy and a revisit to some classic, long gone game shows.

Direct download: MSPH_362-Chin_Chopper.mp3
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Kevin is back from his trip to the great white north with some stories to tell, Shuddy Boy reveals a demeaning trip to the ER, and asks for some 90s hip hop recommendations.

Direct download: MSPH_361-CannaDuh.mp3
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The show starts off with some heat after a misinterpreted Fortnite incident sets the guys at each others throats, Kevin has some problems with his butt and the guys discuss the legendary amusement park known as Action Park.

Direct download: MSPH_360-Bung_Fu.mp3
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Kevin, Geoff and Shuddy Boy are desperate to find a way to determine who is the smartest and a few more movies are inducted into the Five Dick Hall of Fame.

Direct download: MSPH_359-Stable_Geniuses.mp3
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Geoff is severely let down by an installment of Baking With Geoffy Cakes, Shuddy Boy surprises the guys with a new game and the gang inducts some of their favorite movies into the Five Dicker Hall of Fame.

Direct download: MSPH_358-Five_Dickers.mp3
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Doctor Steve is back! As is a brand new Baking With Geoffy Cakes. Doctor Steve answers medical questions from the listeners and the guys and delivers Geoff some not so awesome news.

Direct download: MSPH_357-Doctor_Steve_Strikes_Back.mp3
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Kevin earns himself a nerdy double fail of a weekend, the guys discuss who amongst them would make the best super villain and a random brain question raises new questions about sniffing farts.

Direct download: MSPH_356-Bookworm.mp3
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Shuddy Boy parties his balls off as Geoff faces some very difficult dicks to suck while learning some new vocabulary words. And a very spoilery in-depth Avengers: Infinity War review at the very end of the Easter egg.

Direct download: MSPH_355-The_Black_Order.mp3
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Geoff is taking an interest in beach volleyball and Kevin wants to learn sign language, the origin of The Dragon is discussed and Kevin worries about his behavior when he blacks out.

Direct download: MSPH_354-The_Silence_of_the_Frogs.mp3
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Shuddy Boy is back in Pennsylvania but had a couple stories from his LA trip, the first ever Poominati game night is in the books and Geoff faces off against more listener submitted vocabulary words.

Direct download: MSPH_353-Cocaine_Elf.mp3
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Shuddy Boy makes his first Los Angeles visit in years and pays off his Oscars bet in an astonishing way, Kevin gets to see an early screening of Super Troopers 2, and Geoff tries his hand at pronouncing a few new words.

Direct download: MSPH_352-Shuddy_Boy_Does_Hollywood.mp3
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Kevin's bumbling buffoonery is on display once again this time involving his car, the wheels are in motion for Shuddy Boy's Los Angeles trip next week and the plan for the next MSPH photoshoot is revealed.

Direct download: MSPH_351-Shuddipedia.mp3
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Kevin and Alex Wilson talk about their adventures through Japan including Kevin's drunken blackout, the guys review a ton of movies and a potential new game involving Geoff and vocabulary is born.

Direct download: MSPH_350-Japan_Adventure_2018.mp3
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Alex Wilson returns to MSPH and tells us about his knife fight training, Kevin and Alex talk about their upcoming trip to Japan and the big Oscars bet is finally resolved.

Direct download: MSPH_349-Fart_Hadoukens.mp3
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A shocking, unprecedented turn of events unfold in the Oscars bets, Kevin and Geoff partake in a new gaming phenomenon with some Poominati members and Geoff's ear hygiene is discussed.

Direct download: MSPH_348-Fartnite.mp3
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Kevin discovers a new life luxury and gets in touch with his feminine side, Shuddy Shuddies himself with too much weed, Kevin reviews some Oscars shorts and Geoff sleeps through 90% of a movie.

Direct download: MSPH_347-Bath_Bomb_Buddies.mp3
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Geoff is flabbergasted by Kevin's handling of his ant infestation, Geoff and his vocabulary are tested and Black Panther is reviewed.

Direct download: MSPH_346-Potpourri.mp3
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Dustin Ybarra returns! This week we discuss the most bummer deaths of fat guys in movies, taste test some kiffles, Kevin is loving the Winter Olympics and Dustin's experience shooting television in Atlanta.

Direct download: MSPH_345-Dustylympics.mp3
Category:Episodes -- posted at: 3:25pm PDT

Shuddy Boy celebrates the Eagles victory, Quincy Jones talks some serious shit and Kevin pitches a handful of potential bet punishments.

Direct download: MSPH_344-Kiffle_Dicks.mp3
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Kevin and Geoff go off on a virtual reality weekend date, the guys check out a gay hardcore metal band and Kevin gets schooled on Winston Churchill.

Direct download: MSPH_343-Monster_Slob_Punt_Hernia.mp3
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Shuddy Boy gives a glimpse into his personal life, the chaos winning is wreaking on Philly, Kevin hits a retro gaming expo and the guys make their annual Oscars picks.

Direct download: MSPH_342-50_Shuds_of_Gay.mp3
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Kevin believes he's found the answer for Hollywood's grabby problems, Geoff gives his first surprise Predator and Shuddy Boy finally sees The Room.

Direct download: MSPH_341-Pervert_Island.mp3
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A random brain question goes beyond the comfort line for Shuddy Boy, Kevin and Geoff saw a few movies and Geoff sells Kevin and Shuddy on a new app.

Direct download: MSPH_340-I_Shuddy.mp3
Category:Episodes -- posted at: 9:50pm PDT

Jam packed show to kick off 2018 as Siike joins in a favorites of 2017 discussion, Kevin tells his tales from New Orleans, the winner of the first Poominati fantasy football league is crowned and is Kevin Costner a sex symbol?

Direct download: MSPH_339-New_Year_Same_Idiots.mp3
Category:Episodes -- posted at: 8:20pm PDT

On the last show of 2017, Kevin and Shuddy Boy bicker over Kevin's visit to the GI doctor, Kevin reviews a ton of movies and the new South Park game and in the easter egg a spoiler filled Star Wars The Last Jedi discussion.

Direct download: MSPH_338-The_Last_Shuddy.mp3
Category:Episodes -- posted at: 10:56pm PDT

Kevin has a new moronic injury, the Poominati fantasy football league is full of upsets and the guys create a new cryptocurrency.

Direct download: MSPH_337-Shitcoin.mp3
Category:Episodes -- posted at: 8:00pm PDT

Los Angeles is burning to the ground, ants are invading by the millions and Kevin is doing some soul searching about handling his many ailments. Also the results of the Oreo Mystery flavor.

Direct download: MSPH_336-Kom_In_My_Bucha.mp3
Category:Episodes -- posted at: 8:40pm PDT

The guys give their tales from Thanksgiving and Geoff's wrath returns to San Francisco.

Direct download: MSPH_335-Spanksgiving.mp3
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The guys give their thoughts on their favorite candies, treats and snacks, how they would handle a life of being dickless and Kevin's thoughts on Justice League.

Direct download: MSPH_334-Snack_of_Ages.mp3
Category:Episodes -- posted at: 9:46pm PDT

Shuddy Boy returns and he's brought beer! Geoff has a Hell of a time in San Francisco, Kevin has a new wimpy notch on his belt and the guys discuss their fondness of bowing.

Direct download: MSPH_333-Power_Wuss.mp3
Category:Episodes -- posted at: 9:28pm PDT

Kevin and Geoff settle a lovers' quarrel pizza scandal, what is the exact point when it means you've shit your pants and at long last Ragnarok arrives.

Direct download: MSPH_332-Leftovers.mp3
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The guys and comic Jay Mandyam talk the new season of Stranger Things, an answer from Doctor Steve on if holding in farts is harmful and Geoff is a Halloween grinch.

Direct download: MSPH_331-Stranger_Wangs-1.mp3
Category:Episodes -- posted at: 9:06pm PDT

The guys discuss how they'd do competing on old Nickelodeon game shows like Double Dare, the etiquette of dropping stinky farts in front of a loved one and Kevin tries to turn up the heat in the Poominati fantasy football league.

Direct download: MSPH_330-Dickelodeon.mp3
Category:Episodes -- posted at: 7:28pm PDT

Kevin, Geoff and Shuddy Boy try to crack the Mystery Oreo flavor, Geoff possibly faces the dick of all dicks and Kevin is a walking skin condition.

Direct download: MSPH_329-Rash_Me_Ousside.mp3
Category:Episodes -- posted at: 8:28pm PDT

The gangs back to discuss Kevin's visit to Vegas and Doug Loves Movies, Geoff perhaps meets his match with an Oreo dick and you get two VERY different reviews of Blade Runner 2049.

Direct download: MSPH_328-Shuddy_Runner_2049.mp3
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Shawn Marek and Alex Wilson return and after Geoff gives his NFL rant we talk about the new Kingsman movie, Kevin's magnet for losses and Shuddy Boy makes a huge announcement.

Direct download: MSPH_327-Holy_Bat_Farts.mp3
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Kevin finally watches Armageddon, olive branches are extended and what would the world be like if Geoff had a fleshlight modeled after his butt hole.

Direct download: MSPH_326-Armageddon_It_On.mp3
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Siike makes his return and Geoff brings tales from Las Vegas, Kevin is a fantasy football genius and the guys weigh in on It.

Direct download: MSPH_325-Wegal_Leed.mp3
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