Mad Scientist Party Hour (episodes)
Comedian Sheila Chalakee joins the guys to talk about her comedy skits, SNL and smelly junk. Shuddy Boy recaps his visit to Hollywood and plenty more nonsense and tom foolery.
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WARNING: If you don’t like comics or have no interest in them… you will NOT enjoy this episode. In this episode, Kevin and Shuddy Boy talk about their favorite comics, what’s worth reading and what books that non-comic fans would enjoy.
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Full show this week includes Kevin, Miguel, Shuddy Boy, Geoff and Fonzo involved in a bunch of stoned and booze fueled random nonsense. And Kevin is currently too messed up to describe the rest of this crap….
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Kevin and Shuddy Boy ask Geoff a bunch of random nonsense questions so people can know the newest member of the show a little better. Kevin also discusses seeing Howard Stern host America’s Got Talent and a non sexual dream about Shuddy Boy
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Kevin’s nerdy allergies bug him out which strangely turns to a discussion about the zombie apocalypse. Then Kevin, Shuddy Boy and Geoff talk abouts toots and doodie for the rest of the show. Doesn’t get more juvenile than this, folks! Enjoy!
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A Super Bowl conversation quickly turns to a random Michael Vick debate. Shuddy Boy competes in an insanely geeky card tournament. Kevin, Geoff and Shuddy say goodbye to a legendary zombie.
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Legit mad scientist Michele Noonan joins the show to talk about her adventures through reality TV and field a bunch of random questions that only a smart person could answer… and she’s insanely hot!
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In this super geeky episode Shuddy Boy and Kevin answer questions about different video game scenarios coughdorkscough. And then get into a heavy discussion about this years Oscar nominations with Jeff Katz. Skip this if you dont like the Oscars or movies
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Miguel returns to the show with another ball trauma story. Superfan Thanassi joins to explain what the queen does while Kevin catches up on listener emails. And finally for another experiement, Kevin drinks a cup of his own… um… liquid.
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This week, Kevin and Shuddy Boy discuss their New Years Resolutions, a trip to the Children’s Hospital set and Thai massages. Also some more humiliating sex stories and of course lots of cinema talk.
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